Go Long

  • by dumbum
  • posted Aug 15, 2007

Father and son connecting :D

Watch this

Father and son connecting :D


HA! That's pretty good. Cool concept once I figured it out.

T tees

wouldnt wear it on a shirt


why not?


is it supposed to be Geppetto? cuz, that's what i got out of it.


like the idea but don't see me wearing a t-shirt with it


Pinocchio needs a shirt. xo c


Why is Geppetto ready to go disco dancing?


how cute is that, very well done, its a 5


Agree re: gepetto's outfit and disco, also agree pinoccio needs a shirt... but its cool

Red Strychnine
Red Strychnine profile pic Alumni

Superb idea, well-drawn. The perspective on Pinocchio's left foot should be further down and bigger (more towards the viewer), but it's very minor. Solid 4.


haha thanks for the comments :)

red, i know about the foot. easy fix tho

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I like the idea, but I think it would have been pulled off better either from behind gepetto or on more of a side perspective. it's hard to tell that it's Pinocchio right away, which is what you want from a tee design obviously! lol. the shirtless P and the funky groovy loose-shirted G are pretty damned funny tho. Nice work.


I really love the idea, and I think the art is great, but something about it bugs me. I think it may be like the person above me said, it's hard to realize it's Pinocchio. Possible if he was drawn a little more in profile?


It took me a long time to realize Pinocchio. I kind of liked it before, but now I like it a lot more.

no-talent ass clown

I'd like it a lot better if you could see a little more of pinnochio's face. It took me kind of a long time to recognize him. It looks good all the same though.


hahaha. i like


i got it right away, but agree with the other. a profile view would be nice, simply because something is bothering me about the hat and the hair. i cant place my finger on it, but it is just off somehow. not enough depth perception between the two maybe. shrugs great idea though!


i thought he had a lollipop stuck to the back of his head at first. i guess his head just doesn't look three-dimensional.


i thought he had a lollipop stuck to his head, too. i was confused! however i do like this, and the colours are great.


They should look freaky.


i thought it was a gay einstein tossing to a midget rabbi?

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