Inter Circuit Romance

  • by .MINUS.
  • posted Aug 14, 2007

Watch this

It's a reworking of a Hefner album cover yes? It's flipped round but still don't think you've done enough to it for it not to be considered plagiarism


YES! The characters are from the Hefner albem. I really liked the tone and feel of them. I thought reworking them in wires was pretty brilliant.

classicoke profile pic Alumni

or perhaps lettin some app do it for you. i remember i used to do stuff like this in paintshop pro like 10 years ago... btw, anyone still using psp?


No Dude. I did that. That was all me. I do everything by hand as much as possible. I am not a lens flare, drop shadow, halftones kind of dude.


i like it.

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