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Hello wonderful artists of Threadless. I pretty much use exclusively use Photoshop and hand drawing to do my designs and I am looking for some help on how to add texturing and halftones and all that good stuff that adds that little bit of pizazzz to a sub. Can someone please help me? Nothing crazy, just some subtle stuff to help enhance my subs. Here are some examples of the kind of stuff i'm talking about:

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Robsoul put up an interesting tutorial that basically was just scanning a crumpled piece of paper and using high contrast to obtain some great shapes.

I actually use a digital camera and take a day to just walk around and take close up pictures of great textures around the city. I kinda suck at photography so it's hit or miss, but I'm happy with the results. In this guy:

…I used black and white photos of tulips, gravel, cracked walls, and paint chips as a base. Then using the Magic Wand tool and some basic shapes to edit the selections you can make some very elegant and organic surfaces. Don't forget you can erase within selections as well as paint. I also generally use a 1 or 2 pixel brush to add a lot of fine detail. The new sub I'm working on I'm actually trying to do all the texture by hand.

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I usually just hand draw my textures. But I guess if you want something that's not hand drawn, one thing I've done before (and you can easily turn these into vectors too if you ever want to) is to google up a pictures that have interested textures (i.e. peeling paint, drips, splats, what-have-you), and then use Select by color to pull out what you need.

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Find pics of what I need or want and make the grey scale. I then mess with the levels, select the black channel and make a path out of that. I also use the different textured brushes and make them a path as well. I have a good link to textures, but it's on my work machine, I'll post it tomorrow.


A bit of variation of the crumpled paper - I used to make a plain old photocopy of a black piece of paper (or something similiar) and then when you scrunch that photocopy the toner comes off in the creases. You can then photocopy that piece of paper and repeat the process if you like and scan in the result. One of the few instances where a crap photocopier is an advantage.


hey valorandvellum, how do you turn those into vectors?

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