Is one supposed to be male?

The male cow would be a bull without udders and the male chicken would be a rooster with...those red flappy things under its beak.

But I'd buy it nonetheless.

Watch this

Meh. Call it artistic license.


....sperm bank! Lesbian mothers!


Actually, the roosters and hens have those flappy things (waddles) under their beaks.
I just think it's a cute shirt.


The Barn Yard (movie) cows had udders and THEY were male.


maybe.. it's two mothers trying to figure out who the "egg" belongs to


it's two mothers trying to figure out who the "egg" belongs to

You'd don't think that the mother MIGHT remember laying that thing? :-)


Yeah, the cow has the ability to feed young and the chicken has the ability to lay an egg. Both technically would be mothers, unless the cow laid the egg! Maybe that's the REAL conundrum.

ludicrous louisa

:P The barn yard movie cows were dumb and ill researched.
PS, you can get a rooster without wattles or a comb :D just as you can get a hen with wattles and a giant comb. Considering this design has a COW SPOTTED EGG I doubt it's supposed to be very accurate :D
Not really my thing anyway.


It's funnier to the not-so-intelligent people if they can understand what the shirt actually is despite gender problems whistle

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