A Distraction

Watch this

i really, really like the dry, subtle humor in this one. Very clean and simple. i like it


not sure about red but cool design




The chick reminds me of Super Nanny...not that I watch that show (cough)

Power to the Red = 4 1/2


i would wear this, very clean


Nice! I would definitely wear this!


ha ha ha ha! love!


i love the red!
and i love the old bikes!
i want to wear it.


Oh, this is spectacular. It's very clean and simple and well-placed. It's also adorable!


This is really cool.


honestly that lady causing the distraction doesn't look attractive. she looks like the super nanny


I don't think the era of her clothing fits with the era of the bicycles.


classic humor $5


Love it, love it, love it! $5


i nwould like a period dress on the woman...


i would also enjoy a period dress. the briefcase doesn't match the era at all either. otherwise, very cute.


I thought it was a carpet bag! Carpet bag = super period.


i love the idea - it reminds me of memoirs of a geisha. although i would like this a lot more if the girl was cuter


i think the girl is cute and chic, understated. I think of her as a young Mary Poppins, and Mary Poppins was a looker. Besides, she is a silhouette, and the understatedness of it is the point. What do you want, one of those women on the mud flaps of trucks? no.


since I find modesty in women very attractive
I really like this concept behind this design, but
I think it needs better execution

the bicycles are made of a single line width - it puts
them on the plain side which is working against you
in this case

The lack of detail requires the concept to be really strong
in order to pull off a design worthy of the Threadless prize
money. I'm thinking you need to do something to the
concept to take it up a notch. something that makes us
laugh out loud or causes us to see why the guy is really
wanting to focus on the lady to the point of causing an
accident ( maybe both are missing a foot, or she somehow
was able to snag a bike spoke and is holding it in her hand
while we can see the space in his tire where it's missing, or
whatever idea you come up with that will obviously be
a million times better than what I can come up with )


i actually really like the simplicity of this one.

4 for you!


i agree with your crit helo...

i really couldn't tell what the bikers were doing until i really followed. With a shirt you really need to get it quickly, especially something as limited pallet and design as this.


yeah i love it also :]


is it just me or do i see IPOD commercial? (the black silhouette style with an object on the person accented in white)


this reminds me of Mary Poppins. mixed with and iPod icon


I think the guys on the bikes need to look more like they're crashing. As it is, they just look like clip art that's been tilted.


I love this, but not on the red shirt


i like this one, but i favor crazy-enormous-body-engulfing designs. good work, though!


I think it needs to be reworked.
But I do enjoy the concept.


I think it needs to be reworked.
But I do enjoy the concept.

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