Sand Castle

  • by RaveDave
  • posted Aug 12, 2007

This is for the "Gotta believe" competition. About imagination etc...

Watch this

This is for the "Gotta believe" competition. About imagination etc...


nice faded environment!!!!


I like the crab's design. Overall, it is quite similar to defend the kingdom. Perhaps the design could be a little smaller? Good illustration though.


I don't really think it's similar at all. The fading isn't my style, but it's a pretty cool illustration.


yeah... it is pretty similar to defend the kingdom. still good though...... 4


It is quite similar. I only saw that defend the kingdom the other day, so was a bit annoyed (having searched for sandcastle to make sure nothing too similar had been done before) but nevermind. Theirs is a beachball. Mine's a crab. Giant crab is scarier than giant beach ball


To aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarms!! Crab approacing!!

it's very similar, but much better than 'defend the kingdom'
Excellent halftone!


sorry, i'm still a fan of defend the kingdom


just a final note to say I hadn't seen Defend The Kingdom when I sub'd this.
The idea is there's a transition between the beach bit and the castle bit - not just little knight on a sandcastle.
Anyhoo, keep the votes coming (err....if they're good scores)

Neon Samurai

Yeah they're similar but I think you've done a great job regardless, they crab looks awesome and perspective and your use of halftones have already been mentioned.

Remember you can always use the "all" page to see if anything similar has been printed before. Can't wait to see what you sub next.

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