And you thought gophers were a nuisance

It will make you feel sexy, too.

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Always wonderful to see brown people and immigrants compared to vermin.


I think it's just a zombie....


I mean, haven't you ever seen the music video for Thriller?

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

jezbuz piradical, take a second look, it's a rotting zombie

awesome work, really dig your style 5+$

mj00 profile pic Alumni

The line art is really nice, but the zombie doesn't read clearly as a zombie to me (a more greenish color would do the trick, and this might be the kind of thing that varies from monitor to monitor).


I don't think that's a zombie. It definitely looks like the artist thinks negroes are a bigger nuisance than gophers.


oh man, this is awesome! People need to look in the background a little more, maybe it could be "ombiefied" a little more but I think this is great!


I don't think that's a zombie. It definitely looks like the artist thinks negroes are a bigger nuisance than gophers.



concerning the design... the linework and actual art is great... but i agree in making the zombie look more zombie like because as you can see peopel are mistaking this for racist

still a 4


dude, that's just a black guy


that's Apu Nahasapeemapetilon


lol, OKAAY, just make him more of a light-greenish color, and you already have green to use, so justmakeaslightlydifferentdesignalready!


i hate comic sans..
but nice linework!


What they ^ said about the color of the guy.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Some people are silly.

Only white guys can be zombies? Racists.

Love it.


A great shirt for US boarder control...


i don't think everyone is paying attention to the back ground or the other hand popping out of the ground. i like it


Yeah I don't see him as a zombie so much either aside from the eyes, but the background and the hand helps.


maybe make him a little more decomposed? initial impression is, unfortunately, that he's alive and just digging through her garden.


yeah the crisp shirt and tie kinda throws off the zombie feel....but it really is nicely done...concept can get lost as proven earlier...

courtney pie

i really like it, and the revised one, but maybe make him even more zomibe like tho.. cause this idea is super fab


ahh, it's a mexican zombie!


definitely need some greenish rotting flesh in there

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I didn't get zombie at all from my first glance of this. I got black accountant. Maybe if you chip away some of the flesh on the face so you can see it's bones? nice idea and illo tho...but i wouldn't buy it as is.


he doesn't look zombie-ish enough, other than that it's good.


WAIT. Is that comic freaking sans on the little signs? KILL IT WITH FIRE. New font please.

the changes you made to "zombify" the guy were very far from enough. Try taking out chunks of his hair, making it look less neat. Take a chunk out of his ear. Rip the shirt. There are a lot of things you could do.

oh and remove the dumb little music notes.

Red Strychnine
Red Strychnine profile pic Alumni

I whole-heartedly agree that the south needs to rise again.

Just kidding. Give him a greenish tinge, slough off some skin, color in the other hand popping out of the ground, resubmit. It's a great idea.


Some people are silly.

Only white guys can be zombies? Racists

I;m starting to wonder- have you see the controversy around Resident evil 5?

Great design- but he really doesn't look like a zombie


also muss up his hair & clothes a bit more


Yeah the signs don't work for me either. The greenish colour should be the face completely, not just green patches.


He's a little tidy for a zombie, but my first instinct was to crack up. I love the idea, and I didn't think "racist" when I saw it. Maybe more zombie looking? Hope you try it again b/c I love it!


Zombies make me say $5!


Anyone who thinks this is racist needs to get out of the house once in a while.


definitely doesn't read "zombie" as much as it could. his hair and clothes are fine which doesn't say "rotting corpse" to me.


Heck, could make the lady brown too, it'd work just fine. But yeah, the zombie needs more zombification.


That's ridiculous, everyone knows that zombies come out of the ground hands and arms first. Haven't you seen a zombie flick? THe gentleman on this T-shirt appears to be a person of color.

herky profile pic Alumni

hilarious work, great illustration and colors

artdrops profile pic Alumni

nice illustration. I figured it was a zombie because he had no pupils, but you should of included rotting/ falling skin, hair that doesn't look like its been brushed, and large dark rings around the eyes with a greenish tone to his skin.

other wise, great!


fix skin + the suit.
otherwise hot.


HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHa.... i knew there was going to be a problem w/ this sub from the thumbnail..


Giving somebody brown skin and calling them a nuisance = not well thought out.

Icky Thump

I agree with the above but the design is REALLY COOL!!!


Still not "zombified" enough. The hair and clothes are so perfect it seems he is going directly to his office. I'd vote for a green face with lots of desiccation, decay and emaciation. The clothes and hair should be messed up a bit, too. Oh, and add a lot of suppurating green sores. That will make a nice-looking zombi!


What everyone else said about making the zombie more zombie-esque. Otherwise yes.


this is a funny idea!

the new version is slightly better

still needs greenish skin, and yes my first thought too was why is he black? i didn't figure out he was a zombie at first...

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