Sing your own song

  • by marieyuki
  • posted Aug 09, 2007

This design is for the Mae

Watch this

This design is for the Mae


The text is kind of weird. maybe a thinner more swirly font??
Or maybe its just me.


i like it!!!


although i prefer when contest entrys seem like they are a shirt for the subject, this one just looks like an average band tee. I think you succeeded in making a great shirt for mae, but for a threadless contest it just seems a little out of place.

I'm not totaly sure how to explain myself. I think its a really cool design, and if it was just a t-shirt i would totaly wear this. I think this entry singles out people who arn't mae fans. I'm still giving you a 5.


thanks everyone for the feedback. I'm getting the impression that my design's a bit too average, but I intended it to be simple. Please give me more feedback, even if it's negative. It's better to learn make things better anyway. Compliments are nice too =]


hehe no prob =9 is cute i like it


great job!!

4 to me, beacuse it'll be another tee for those who haven't heard mae. but the simple concept is fine!


a bit late but just writing to say i really like your design

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