Recycle Your Heart

I love the recyle icon.

So here you are

an idea of recyling your heart!


Watch this

I love the recyle icon.
So here you are
an idea of recyling your heart!


i like the recycling icon, but i don't like the concept of recycling your heart. How degrading of love!


good design...good luck


oh please, we all recycle our hearts.
if we recycled everything else as much as our hearts we'd be in better shape environmentally.
Love it $5


awesome! thanks guys! :)


I am in love with the concept. The only thing that would make me like it more is if the red and green contrast wasn't so sharp. Other than that, $5!


haha love the concept :)


I like all ur stuff. =).



Great design, good concept, simple, very good!!!!!


The first cut is the deepest. sniff


^^^that would definitely be the theme song for this shirt

and now I have it in my head...blast


I like it, but I think I'd like it even better if the first one was a female with a male then entering her life. I just feel like women don't get over guys as fast as men get over women.
Guys, tell me if I'm wrong.


What bloatedpigeon said. Would also be neat to have guy-guy and girl-girl ones to, but mostly I'd just want a single female one with either gender.

Neon Samurai

Totally wrong Amyjw.

I like the concept but I'd agree with tfundrella that the contrast (or something) between the green and the red could be better (which is weird because they're normally complimentary right?)

Think the hearts could be a little smaller on the arrows too.


i love it - even the colors. simple and straight forward. and true

love it!!!!!


How is it degrading of love? You don't throw or recycle things you are still using. You would only recycle it after it's been broken. I love the design.


love isn't really supposed to be a cycle.

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