Chicago Store Sneak Peek #3: Learn Something Upstairs in the Gallery

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Aug 07, 2007

Walk into Threadless Chicago and you'll have 2 choices. Up or down. Downstairs is where the shopping takes place. Upstairs you'll find a mezzanine area overlooking the first floor with all kinds of different things going on. Primarily, it's a gallery. The gallery will showcase all kinds of different artists but will consist mainly of work by winning Threadless designers.

There are 6 portable desks, each with 2 chairs and a computer that can be moved in and out of the space depending on the type of event. In addition to having gallery showings and openings, we'll be hosting various events like group critiques or flying a winning designer in to show how they created their design. Or maybe free milk & cookies on new tee shirt day every week :)

And I saved the best for last! We've teamed up with Digital Bootcamp to provide courses on all sorts of different creative subjects and programs right in the store. Anywhere from courses on ideas like web design or photography to specific programs like Photoshop or Illustrator.

There will be no shortage of things to learn, see and do upstairs in the Threadless store... we'll have a calendar of events put together by the grand opening on September 14th so stay tuned!

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miss mraz

too amazing. i wished i lived where you guys are though, danggg it.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

holy bejebus thats awesome

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Or maybe free milk & cookies on new tee shirt day every week :)


I've been saying forever that each shirt order should ship with a free cookie.

miss mraz

*wish. i am the suck at grammar.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I already said this one Flickr, but this is way too cool.


I didn't think I could be any more in love.

I was wrong.


that is...offically...hottness

ir0cko profile pic Alumni



you all rock

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

You guys have really done amazing work to crank out a brilliant store! One day i'll come to America, I swear!

aled profile pic Alumni

Oh man! I hope theres a webcam, so we can perv on the shoppers and report any suspicious activity.

Edword profile pic Alumni

WOW Wii!! Awesome!

aled profile pic Alumni

Fucking hell. That is so ace. I read the words this time and you guys are awesome.


Great! - but i'd appreciate the next store to be a little closer to Glasgow next time - ta

herky profile pic Alumni

wow, awesomeness.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

I can't wait until Threadless: The Videogame comes out for Wii. I hear it'll have motion controls that allow you to make Craig do crazy dances and throw things at the Jakes.


EEEE I can't wait to see this! I got a peek of the store ( well, from the outside) last month but now we'll be INSIDE it!!!!!

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i love you threadless. so awesome.


can i there?


i ilive north of chicago im excited for this but at the same time sorta disappointed...

i read a newspaper article i think it was in the chicago tribune a couple months back (more like a year ago) covering Threadless, one of the questions was "Would you ever consider opening up a store?"

they replied no, because shopping online is a large focus of the community, and i really believe so.

making threadless into a store is a great step for the company, it just seems like the site is going to mainstream, if that makes any sense. im not trying to be like some kid who likes all the under ground stuff, but IMO threadless should just stay online


Sounds pretty damn awesome. Gives me more reason to visit Chicago one of these days.


WOW! You guys are doing a great job of persuading me and many others to just pack their bags and move to Chicago and visit Threadless everyday and declare bankruptcy :-D


Sounds great


"making threadless into a store is a great step for the company, it just seems like the site is going to mainstream"

even if they are going to be a little more mainstream than what they used to be...they are doing it with style. no other company is this involved


i visited chicago two weeks ago and couldnt find time to stop in, but next time, im definitely stopping by at the store. looks awesome






Cant bloody wait, though I really need to move to chicago.


Damn! Why i have to live in germany?! :(

d3d profile pic Alumni

that's really exciting. you guys are going to feel like willy wonka if you don't already. congrats.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

"flying a winning designer in to show how they created their design"

Should I notify work that i'll be needing time off mid september? ;)

skaw profile pic Staff

eskimokiss - if you want to do it, give us an email and just let us know when a good time would be for you to come, we can arrange something :)

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

OMG I would love that, Jake Nickell! Please pick me!

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

super awesome!


this is so exciting!!!

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