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The legs are ginormous! Should thin them out a little.


my cat thinks the "bath" room is a group activity too. can I get a paper print? I'd hang it in the guest loo. can't wear it on a t-shirt though

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yes, you can. i see your email address on one of your blog entries. i will email you in the next couple of days to arrange printing this if you like.


its cool except it looks like you can kinda see up the girls legs which is disturbing


lol, a bit disturbing,lol


I have a cat does the same damn thing! Nothing is private anymore. I could see this in a funnys of a newspaper but t shirt not going to happen little gross. Made me laugh tho!


i think a lot more people would want to wear this (including myself) if it was just the cat... i know it wouldn't be "copycat" anymore but i think it would be better


i don't think it's disturbing, and i don't think the legs are too big. does that mean my legs are too big? i just have muscular calves, ok?
some of you guys are prudes! so you can almost see up the girl's legs... so what? ok, maybe i wouldn't wear the shirt, but i would get this print too.

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i got the same response in critiques, that nobody would wear it... but i'm happy that i submitted it, because i made some of you laugh, and that was worth it :-)

and angelune, if you really want a paper print, let me know. it looks like i'm going to make one for DrVSP, so making a second would be no trouble.


I especially like how the newspapers are different with the alien abducting some random person and the cat's paper looks like a newspaper for the cat community


The legs are ginormous! Should thin them out a little.

ok fat people use the toilet too


Actually, the only thing I like about it is the fact that you can kind of see up the girl's legs. . .


You never saw up a girl's legs?

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thanks for all the comments people. i honestly thought this would have been dropped by now. :-)


hahahahaha u made a funny.


I actually thought it was a guy on the toilet.


actually, i don't think the legs look fat - it looks like the person is wearing another pair of trousers under their jeans...


I like the idea, but the art is a little shaky. 4 though.


my cat totally does this, but he STARES at me while he's peeing while I'm sitting on the toilet peeing. It's so awkward. Find a way to depict that! :D


huge legs! kind of creepy.


do girls read on the can?
this might be a feller.

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