One second...

WOOHOO! I finally have enough!

So I finally saved enough street team points for a free shirt! Yay! I wonder if I should just get one, or save even more until I can get two... or three! Is that allowed?

Sometimes I feel like I should reserve an afternoon for myself to take product pictures... I have well over 100 shirts... I just feel like the pictures should be natural, on a day I wear a shirt and have my picture taken. You know?


Watch this

what shirt are you going to get?


You can save up for multiple shirts. The only thing tho is that if you do, you have to use all of your points at once. You can't just use some points for one order.


I don't know whether I should go with a newbie or an old classic... perhaps Still Life With A Van? Or like I said, I might just grit my teeth and keep saving.

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