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Got a new iMac at work Friday, and today, I started up an old project and I didn't have the proper font.

How do i transfer fonts from the old Mac to the new one?

I've opened the Font Book Application on the old computer, but you cannot drag and drop the font's anywhere but in the Font Book window.

The font in question (Century Gothic) is not free (by my half hour search) so I don't want to repurchase a font package to get it on the new computer.

help me, I need to stop sobbing.

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How old was your old mac? Beacuase I think on trhe older macs you had to keep a copy of the font some where else on the computer, it would go and find it, it wasn't actually stored in the Font Book Application. Do a sreach and see what you find. I could be completely full of shit on this, I'm not sure.

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yeah you have to copy teh actual suitcase of teh font and send that to your new computer


if you go into the library folder, there's a font section, and you can save those to a flashdrive/cd/whatever and install them onto the other computer.


I think right click on font in font book and go to something like 'show fonts', that will take you to where the font actually is, then alt click and drag that to your desktop. I may be very wrong though.

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Thanks, I had been to the Users/library/font folder before (when uploading a new font) and it was empty, but cntrl clicking it made them all appear...? Thanks!

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