Potato Fun in the Sun

Just some fries relaxing out by the ketchup pool.

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Just some fries relaxing out by the ketchup pool.

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this makes me so fucking hungry! 4$


looks like the models have a whole in their chest


I'd buy this because I love ketchup. $5


umm 1st thing I saw was a creepy blood pool
maybe a ketchup bottle nearby? I don't know..


don't like it on that color shirt


i love this, nice idea too :)


i love this, and i looooove ketchup so


This is about the actual ratio of ketchup:fry that I use, sadly.


it does need a ketchup bottle tho, perhaps with a big umbrella coming out the top would fit in well. Love the colors on the shirt too.


i like it. the catchup kinda looks like blood. but its all good. :]


Well, would people seeing this think "Oh my! Fries swimming in blood," or do you give others enough credit to think they might get it?

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Either make it clearer this is kethup (perhaps with one of those pumps you must use when the restaurants give you those thimble-sized cups, or maybe a kethcup slide with a packet pouring itself down the slide, etc)., or make this scalding baking oil, and have the fries in the pool be screaming their head off becaus rthey didn't realize what it was.


Totally a broken ketchup bottle dripping into the pool...yeah, do that =D


I don't know ... I kind of like the pump idea myself.

Thanks FRICKINAWESOME ... living up to your title.


yeah definitely make a pump or a bottle as a diving board or something cause it looks like blood to me

Mr Koll

What about mayonaise instead of ketchup?


I thought it was a pool of blood at first but then after a second I figured out what it was. GREAT CONCEPT! I do think it needs a ketchup bottle or something, or maybe the fries should be bigger for an easier read.


How about a ketchup bottle as a supporting structure for a diving board? Perhaps the diving board could be a hot dog bun?


hey man where are the onion rings :).


banana fun! .. totally $5!


Reminds me of one of the cartoon vignettes from "Better Off Dead" when John Cusack (major hottie) was working in the burger joint and "Everybody Wants Some" by Van Halen was rocking in the background...

O.k. I all done with 80's reminiscing now!


i like that shirt alot. its so fun, definetly something i would were. i also think u should put a ketchup pump there. and make it less intense. briter backround and duller ketchup so that it doesnt make such and akward contrast.


funny, but it does look like blood and is kinda creepy in that way...i like the idea of sizzling oil and screaming fries! or else show a ketchup bottle or pump or something


The idea of a swimming pool filled with condiment make me want to upchuck. I don't like condiments. A naked chip is a holy chip.


Very Very Nice!! Great Idea! Congratulations!

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