Death By Spear

Watch this
The Black Baron

Your ergonomic chair and your ikea computer furniture will not save you from the business end of my spear

let all have seizures from my animation BWAHAHAHAHA

dacat profile pic Alumni

You have a sick sick mind, ha ha ha!


Awesomely Gruesome


Gruesomely Awesome

either way 5$

All Hail the Black Baron


asg 645E S7t%asg144444

(just had a seizure)

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

Sometimes I wish this would happen to me at work... $5


yes nice


he should be more slumped against the desk/computer. Otherwise 5$

The Silver Baron

at least he didnt spill on his keyboard.

well done fellow baron $5


black baron, will you marry me?

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def the lamest baron sub -


this design is not loading for me, i've refreshed it over and over, only the comments show and the design area is white! tried to access it several ways...


I keep seeing a crapload of spear and cat themes today, and I don't even know why...


is that chair exist, what I aks myself too.

The Gold Baron

I knew I left my spear somewhere...found it. $5


This doesn't load in Firefox - need to dust off IE to see it. Having done that ... $5

The Black Baron


prolly due to my sophisticated gif protocols

I will have to torture my webmaster

here is a link to those who suffer similar frustrations

go here


i can see it in mozilla. sweet design.


someone has been watching 300 :P

Something Pretentious

Man, if I had a nickel for every time that happened to me...

Yeah, that chair totally exists. Some guy at work had it, and I was all like "what the crap is that used for?". I feel so much more enlightened.


FireFox works! Kinda too evil...hey I have kids!


this is kinda funny cuz my dad has one of those chairs and he works off an ikea desk. $5 if this gets printed i'm giving it to my dad for his bday


lol i encountered one of these chairs the other day and had no idea what to make of it. too bad i didn't see this shirt first. but seriously why would you want to perch like that when you could just have a whole chair and lean back...


dude, that has to be the pimpest thing i've seen all day :)

*5+300=death by spear

renfrue profile pic Alumni

bonus points for the blood!


Reminds me of the Omen...

T tees

he dosnt look dead he looks like he ate some nasty casserole or something and the blood on the back , not a good idea

The Black Baron

sorry bout the link above - it does not seem to work

here is a better one CLICK

and bite me tless and wishing


for everyone wondering it's called a "kneeling chair"

The Black Baron

kneeling chair?

perhaps thou know a little too much about this morbid scene?
that last link is bad too

go here CLICKY

The Black Baron

tis truly a mistake by the wizards of threadmore - tis a score fit for an error be true!!

The Black Baron

mahaps it was the baroness visage that scared the weak kneed voters?


This score has been hampered by peasants.

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