condensing photoshop files

Hey guys,
I can't get my photoshop file under 145 and it has to be 120 to submit. I have flattened the flayers and it still won't budge or change even when i have taken some stuff out it seems to be stuck at 145. Any suggestoins?

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is it at 72dpi?

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I suppose it also is a .gif, rgb 640x480


nope no gradients or filters and i trie the save for web too and it is a giif its baffling


did you try save for web with the 4 up windows. It usually gives you
4 different sized to choose from.....other than that, I don't have any idea...sorry

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Yeah, save for web, go to the gif option. It will default to 256 colors. Start to slow downsize this number (I usually go down about 4 colors at a time or so). Eventually you'll get to where you need to be.

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