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Oh Dear. So i thought I'd share this so that any other UK based Thredders can be aware. $77 worth of goods from the site has just cost me £16.50 ($33) in import duty.

Anyone know what the thresholds are to avoid this?

Watch this

I'm not sure (as I live in the US), but I think UK people tend to order 2-3 shirts at a time to avoid that.


i don't know if it will work, but next time when you order and it asks if its for you or a gift, try ticking the gift option, maybe that'll make a difference, but i dunno since i'm not international...


Anything over £20 and you get charged.


Just spoken to customs and the following applies.
If the order is worth more than £7 ($14) then import duty is added at 12% (for clothing). If this amount is then more than £18 ($35) then VAT is added at a further 17.5%.
Which is where my extra £16.50 came from.
Wonder if it woudl be a good idea to add this into the shipping and handling FAQ?

Oh and the URL's are:

Next time I will try the "gift" route and see if that makes a difference.


hey now... that socialized medicine ain't going to pay for itself now is it?


Flower.thief, that's interesting, I've never had the clothing-specific taxes before... just the VAT.

Anyway, I avoid it by only buying two tees at a time, or three during sales.

maddingo, the NHS is only tangentially related to this. They're getting stricter with packages because, with the dollar so very weak, it's much cheaper for us to buy from the USA.


This was only 1 T and 2 shorties for my little one. I guess this may work out cheaper than creating separate orders from now on. Oh and the post office have jsut confirmed that they added a little something to the cost for "handling" of the fine.

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