Love this, but it makes me a little sad

  • by elisa.
  • posted Jul 30, 2007

that this doesn't come in green like in the sub.
I would've bought it if it was green...

Watch this

same... I already have a baby blue threaddless, and too many blue clothes. Oh well, I might still give in, I really like the design.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I have bought this in baby blue, and will buy it again if it's reprinted in green. It'll be a bit before then so it would totally re-invent the design for me, plus then i could wear this shirt to death and not feel guilty for buying it again!


You know what's worse than printing it on light blue?

The fact that it's on Cock Sucking Whore FotL t-shirts !!!!


i concur ... i've been debating ordering this tee since it came out, but i just can't bring myself to do so because i'm not a fan of the pink. the green looked amazing. ah well. here's to a reprint.

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