This week's prints: a mixture of awesomeness and disappointment

Nerds 2² Ever - Love it. Simple, striking, and funny. Pity I don't like orange and so probably wouldn't wear it! :( But it does work very well as a colour scheme, so I'm not objecting in general.

Human Nature - Another strikingly simple and effective one. I love how Threadless has so many environmental designs (off the top of my head - Recycle, Stone Jungle, Tree Town) and I feel like this one will become a fave for me (though still not as awesome as Stone Jungle, it beats the other ones hollow). But... whhhyyyyy Grass and not Kelly Green? :( I love Kelly Green so much.

See You At The Show - I am very pleased to see a cool artsy text-based design printed, and I am glad to see Addicted To Colour got a print! Buut... I gave this design a solid-but-not-amazing 3, while I gave its immediate forerunner (Boredom Is Unnatural) $5 - so I wish that one had been printed instead!

Dinner In The Sky - I fucking love the art and I gave it a $5. But... that was on Kelly Green, which as a dark background colour gave a kind of shiny luminescence to the birds, making them look almost metallic... whereas, on Light Blue/Pink the colours look more dull. They still look pretty cool - the blue one certainly gives a good sky effect and the pink one has a nice warm sunset-y feel to it, but neither are shirts I'd wear any more. :(

Wanted - One of the cutesy Threadless designs that's actually quite funny. Not my thing to wear, but worthy of a print for sure. I gave it a respectable 3 in the subs.

Pretty World Inferno - Ehh. Not really my style, though there's a good concept. I don't think the colours work well together - Burgundy was not a good choice. It might have had a certain manic appeal if printed on black or a colour as bright as all the other ones, but I think they jar horribly on the current shirt colour.

Hidden - w00t! I gave this an admiring 4, and might have upped it with a couple of minor changes. I'm glad this got printed as it's a lovely design - pretty, but not purely decorative. I'm uncertain about which version I prefer - the all-green is more subtle and detailed, while the partly-purple looks more floral and uses the colours well to accentuate the concept (though I'm not keen on the all-purple bumblebee!), and the olive one has a more grungy stencilled look due to the light background colour. In short, the green one looks like foliage, the purple one looks like flowers, and the olive one looks like weeds. All three are cool in different ways. I might actually buy one - but which?! Though I am not very pleased with the placement...

(Oh, and it would have been nice if Threadless had done a run-off of both colours for genders, since there's now the inevitable flood of girls wanting green and boys wanting purple... but that's life. Guys up to M, get girly XL/L! Girls, get whatever the hell size and take the shirt in!)

Living in Harmony and Marshmallow Factory - I already got my hands on the LIH hoody and although I think MF is awesome I wouldn't wear it, but I'm still happy these shirts got reprinted because so many people wanted them! I'm also glad ladykat's auction ended before this came out, hehe...

In conclusion: lots of brilliant stuff printed, but the ones I really liked have been slightly tampered with so I'm not sure how many I'll buy...

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Seriously, this week's prints are stellar; it's hard deciding which one I want, because they're all so different yet awesome in their own ways. :)


This has been a sexylicious week. But it's not perfect - some bad colour choices and I really wish ATC's 'Boredom' sub had been printed instead of ''Show...


Are you sure about guys getting girly large sizes? I thought the girls shirts were fitted differently, with shorter sleeves and such.

We Are Your Friends

I like the colour of Pretty World Inferno. I like any colour named after food....


They do have shorter sleeves, but you can still wear them. Guys' S is a bit slimmer than girls' XL, but longer. If you're on the smaller side of guys' M (or like a tight fit) you could wear a girls' XL too.

Aside from the shorter sleeves and torso, they're not 'girl-shaped' - just tubes of fabric, not fitted at all. I know some guys who wear girls' L/XL and they look fine.


WAYF, I like the colour too, but I don't think it goes with any of the colours that have been printed on it. ;)


Oh, you know what would have been cool for Dinner in the Sky? TEAL. I just got a Teal shirt in the post and OMFG it looks great. They could preserve the sky-ness that they were probably going for with the pink/blue tees, and yet the brightness of teal would have given the colours the shiny popping quality that I loved about the green background!


Now that you mention the original placement I prefer that one too. It would have been awesome and I usually don't go for huge prints like that. Sigh. Oh well I'll still get it.

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