The Unusual Suspects

Hope you like it!

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courtney pie

you've got a thing for nips, don'tcha? *L


great drawing, but the nip hanging out has already killed it.



knuckle sandwich

i like it the nip might ruin it for some but i think it adds to the feeling

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

I had just started working on a design with these 3 characters. You're an excellent illustrator, though I dont know that I would wear this.

Trev Murphy

yeah, I actually expected the nipple to get it rejected. I'm not expecting great marks, I'm just happy to be working on my portfolio. And to be honest I think a few 'hideous' designs on here help balance out all the uber-cute designs. Anyway, mark as you will and cheers for any feedback. ;)


Love the pic and I'm the kind of cheeky girl that would wear this on a tee and not care if the nips offend anyone..... heehee.
PLEASE make this t-shirt because I WANT ONE! =D


noponies profile pic Alumni

great drawing, but kinda odd content..

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

haha i get it, its funny cause they are dirty haha


"to be honest I think a few 'hideous' designs on here help balance out all the uber-cute designs."

agreed. love what you've been putting up also. keep them coming =]


i really like this but i couldn't wear it


it bothers me that the Tooth Fairy's sign reads 6'0" & the Easter Bunny's reads 6'5" & she's taller.


I don't mind the nipple gate. It adds to the trashiness of the tooth fairy and really who would notice it on a shirt in passing?


BTW 5 the skill is on point.


i wouldn have even noticed tooth fairys hight until willow said something lol. great style, i like it cuz it makes conservatives freak out.



I agree with burgz, they all look trashy and that's what you would expect trailer trash to look like. And the bunny IS taller, check out his ears! I would wear this and I'm female. :)


it's only nipples! boys get to have them out wherever they want, I MEAN REALLY... why can't the girls!?


Oh I bet the tooth fairy wears black glossy vinyl, 6 inch ankle strap, high heel, platform stilettos... I mean no girl would doll herself up like this without a comfortable pair of shoes, right?
I'd imagine the bunny goes shoeless though - must be hard to find shoes that fit! ;o)


Personally, I don't think this is that great a concept, or a particularly good execution. There's no sense of design to the characters - they look too much like sketchy drawings you'd get on a school textbook.

The proportions, perspective and everything are all off, the characters are ugly (even for ugly characters) and the colour choices are pretty unattractive too.



Gotlib is back !!


I would not even tought about to not buy this.
It was great!
I love all the details!


its really well drawn but there have been SO many "usual suspects" shirts on here. too many to count.

who knew people on threadless were such squares? who cares about a nipple slip!


great design even if i couldn't wear it...

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Why is everyone so uptight about nipples or nudity on this site? This design is great and I also agree that we need balance. On the one hand people say they're sick of clouds and trees but on the other hand they rip on anything that's any more offensive than clouds and trees.


if it weren't for the nipples I would buy this


great shirt, trev! 5$


Lovely!!! There's NOT enough nipples. We all have them, get over it. Keep up the good work.


It doesn't seem like their heights are corresponding... Or was that intentional?


bunny ears (please read all posts before nagging)


the bunny's face is the best part i think 5$

Something Pretentious

I am NEVER putting a tooth under my pillow again. That's scary.
Good design, though.

chronically bizarre

nip slip! :P

interesting design. glad you're here to balance out all of the cutsie stuff :D


There go my nipples again!


love the design, I really love role reversal type things. good gone bad, bad turned good. really good humor


agreed to NGAVIS, hideous

Hebby 101

The only reason I don't like it is the exposure of the Tooth Fairy's breast. Other than that I like it. The middle finger is also offensive, I also agree with 'faith 123' and 'NGAZIN' that this is truly hideous.


That tooth fairy is scary.


Love the concept, but nipples totally gross me out.


Wicked. I'd wear it all through Lent and Advent. Nipple and all.

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