Putsch Start

  • by Karnaf
  • posted Jul 28, 2007

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kifak hey! 5$




The soldier is a trace from an anti-US north korean propaganda poster. I'm sure you did your own tracing, but I can't help but compare the similarities.


I agree with TheLiongKoon. I like the design a lot, but for a subject matter that is rather capitalistic, the design had too strong of a communist undertone. People have very strong feelings on communism. I suggest modifying the design.


Where do you guys live? I don't know anyone in America with strong convictions about communism.


rintor....communism is sooooo fashionable at the moment. get with the time's man. seriously....

p.s. parachute pants will be back "in" next summer....about time.


Big fat $5, print it.


Oh BTW, I love the Power Glove in there!
The power glove is so BAD!


Man, if only phat pants came back. All my kikwears and caffeines have gaping holes in them now....

Now, on topic. I really like this shirt!


The "Putsch Start" did it for me. This rocks hard. €5


I don't understand why it says "Putsch."


who friggin cares where he got the image from its a sweet design in the end. looks like he changed the design enough to be original. He probably only sampled the pose. I say thats fair.

By the way I like the design $5

Kahaki Blue

this si over my head, i'm afraid. i like those little things in circles off to the side of the T

great nate

are you guys kiddin me? i agree with tmcooooool, what american truly cares about communistic views or recycled proganda ads? i mean threadless printed "communist party" and "you sank my battleship" and those things sold like hot cakes . thats right is aid hot cakes


Beer Hall Putsch. Isn't that Nazi?


this is cool on a number of levels

T tees

the red and the target on his head make me think of, well, Target, the company


aaah.. i so want this shirt. 5$

putsch is a german word for coup. while the "Bierhallenputsch" indeed hitlers unsuccessful try to get the power in germany, but the word "Putsch" itself can be used for any coup.


Ugh, 2.05? If this doesn't get printed here, please let us know if you go elsewhere.

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