Vegetable Murder!

  • by Fedde
  • posted Jul 27, 2007

Hey guys, got an idea for some friendly garden fun.

Tell me what you think.

Watch this

Hey guys, got an idea for some friendly garden fun.

Tell me what you think.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

The hand is weird to me because it is so huge- is this concept about baby carrots specifically? Hmmm. I think all the carrots should have faces, maybe a few of them could even try to hold on to their friend and keep him in the garden.


Carrots with face wainting for the terrible hand!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

love to see it with color...and the hand kinda looks like a dogs mouth..but im sure everyone understands the concept!


would you buy a tee that had carrots on it?

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

hehe these carrots maybe?


Thanks for the feedback, I'm sketching up some changes now! :)

@ sgtmasterchief - I am working on changing those things

@ Mjoo - I now realize that the hand is a bit big, so I will change that, working on the idea of having more of them with faces, just need to try and make it funny somehow.

@ ramonestatto - Yes!, Carrots are awesome.


its an awesome idea but i think it looks a little sketchy, unless thats what you are going for...maybe try erasing some stray lines.


Thats just the concept sketch, I am going to vector and add color to it later, I just want to get the idea right first.


Ok guys, heres a little update for you.

Changed the idea a little to try an make it a bit more interesting. Now most of the carrots are trying to help the little guy who is getting pulled away.

Comments will be greatly appreciated


I like the perspective in v1 better. Great idea, but make it more crazy. A carrot biting the hand for example. Maybe give them teeth, make them more vicious!


haha, cant wait to see this go into colour!!!


Too many Carrots now? It's coming along though. I like it.


Ah but there are never enough carrots!


I want the sad carrot to be trying to grab onto the carrot thats being pulled.

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