black sheep

black sheep

Watch this

their eyes are kind of weird...i do agree with^


$5. baaaa baaaa black sheep


I love the white sheep's looks! Brilliant!

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Is it somehow possible that you've never seen a shirt like this before? There are usually two or three with this "one animal is different" theme and to be honest most of them are better than this.

Geoff is real

mjoo quite complaining sorry your attempts suck
this is a great shirt


Already been done


Didn't they ban that nursery rhyme because they thought it was racist?! =/ I'm not sure; but I believe there was some debates about it...


I like the eyes but it is a bit cliche.


They banned it? I never heard that news... I like it. I'd totally buy it, I don't think it has a hint of racism


This has already been done to death, and we each have our favourite version. This isn't mine, sorry.


im scared of black sheep, though not this one


This is really funny! I like the green. And I like how the other sheep are looking at him. $5


the sheep remind me of that little desktop sheep i had on my computer 10 years ago...

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Mjoo is absolutely right bout this design. I'm completely sick of the "regular animals and one is different/black sheep" concept, and then this design just bypasses any kind of additional thought to hide the fact it's been done before to just go with the "animal that IS a black sheep" concept. I like how the eyes all trail down to the black sheep, and i think the sheep themselves are well-drawn. But the fact is, we've seen this idea and this shirt five times this week, let alone on Threadless total.

I like some of your other works and obviously you have talent. So use that talent for some less used-up concepts, ok?


Hahaha I love it.


this reminds me of this notepad that came free with a magazine i got!


you keep standing out from the crowd! 5


reminds a little too much of a campaign in my country of the right wing party against foreigners.. of course it is coincidence, but I really really hate this party

Kahaki Blue

i like that there are many different ways this could be interpreted.
and the design is bold and simple. yes.


I think the black sheep's wool should be shaped differently since all the other ones are the same


maybe its been done before. but i really like it... :) $5


cute but done to death surely??


It's cute, but I think there are too many shirts like this.


i agree with blackpaul


well i find it cute :) :)


well I find it cute!!!


I, uh, feel compelled to comment on this shirt. I mean, it's my username but even I know it's a bit overplayed. I can't help but like it anyhow :)


This shirt's been made before. My friend has one just like it, except less cartoony.


i like the shirt but i would use a different color...

sagestone or tan?


Love how they are all staring at him. Know what he feels like.
Would like it better on blue.

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