I know everyone is saying the same thing...

... but I have to agree I am not a fan of the heather gray. I think it is taking away from the texture of the shirt. I really wish they had printed it on the color that was in the original submission, or something like that. My heart honestly feel after looking at this awesome design being printed and then seeing the color. I always kind of thought heather gray shirts made things look kind of cheap.

Watch this



i love heather grey, its my new fave tee colour


(that was a sound of attack, not agreeance)

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heather grey is great. to me it kind of fits with the texturedness (??) of the design. i guess i don't have the association of it being a cheap material.

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That is why Skaw looks so sad


Yeah, I think thats where the cheap association comes from. Local sports team shirts being made with low quality, heather gray t-shirts. Bad memories there.
I just think it distracts from the overall design a bit. Just a preference really.


I would have prefered it on silver, but it doesn't look bad on heather grey.


Hahaha, naw... he's sad because he's reattached his ear with masking tape.


yeah, heather grey screams cheap gym class t-shirt to me too


grey = yay
I think the old color is lamer, actually.
the old one is too, I don't know, grease stained hot topic shirt with a bad slogan in block letters


love the shirt, btw


i love the shirt too. i just ordered it. i like the heather grey, because it adds texture and i think it looks more relaxed as opposed to a bright solid color... & the grey goes with vince & the design on the shirt. in my opinion.

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