Cupcake Love

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aww cute...but the stick legs are a tiny bit creepy..hmmm but i love the heart


They look a little like a cross between cupcakes and ice cream cones. The tops are too big.

But I love cupcakes and the heart and cherry are cute.

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This is a cute concept that probably would have benefited from Critique. Who ever heard of grey cupcakes, dude? That one change would have made a huge difference, and there are other areas that could be tightened up as well while maintaining this style.


The faces are adorable. I agree that this is a really cute concept that could be slightly improved into being really wearable.

And super cute.

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What a good girl, she still has her cherry...

I am evil.


i think its adorable, but they are right, the colors could be better and they do look a little like ice cream cones.


I'd $ this with the changes everyone else is recommending. So cute!


I like grey t-shirts! and they can be ice cream cones if you want them too.


I looooooooove it. Everything about it is perfect. It is about cupcake love and there is nothing sweeter. I would buy this in a heartbeat.

prettty. pretty. pretty.



i think the grey, along with the salad fingers creepy cupcake people, make the shirt seem a little depressing/creepy.

it'd be cuter, and make more sense, on a baby blue or light pink shirt.

panda sketch

this is a very good T-shirt. I would wear it for sure!


OH!!! i love it! my knd of thing! it is simple but strong and honest enough :)


thank you for the kind comments and feedback! keep em' coming!


Omg This Is Adorable, $5


change the legs, they are kinda creepy...and color of the cupcakes. other than that i would def buy this!


simple. awkward. sweet.


This is FANTASTIC!! I love it!

Good work Ao'm


Aww food with faces, and defined genders in love! How original! I have really never seen anything like this before on threadless!!


Drats, i forgot that my biting sarcasm tag would not show... foiled again.


its a cute idea but its......whats the word? done wrong? the legs are kinda creepy and the tops are too big. try again and ill give it a higher score :)


I like the gray. I like that they're cupcakes and looking at eachother. but I wouldn't wear it b/c of the cherry
the too-long legs aren't a deal-breaker :)


its perfect. *loves it!


Love the "foot pop" and the rosy cheeks. Cute.


some of you people sound like you take life WAY too seriously!! I feel sorry for you!!! come on, they are cartoon cupcakes!! there are no rules, and who says creepy is a bad thing?


Eh. It's too cutesy and simple for my taste. I just don't like it in general. Looks like it should be sold in hot topic or something.


I think that maybe some people are too simple minded to just enjoy the cute and pretty things in life, and in general need to either learn if you don't have anything nice to say, then shut it.



lol im setting dis as the background for my computer!

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