One second...

standout wayfarer from the crowd

Watch this

Copying and pasting one thing is no good.

knuckle sandwich

more organized and a brighter red i think

dan s.

i like the idea but the black glasses should be in colums...the
n one random red one


This would be so cool if there were a ton of different kinds of glasses. but as is... 2.

ben hanbury

agree with conore24


a zero for this and for a change I dont feel bad.

okay maybe a lil.....
Keep trying lil buddy

chris the prophet

I like the chaotic crowd AND the glasses all the same. I agree about a brighter red, though. I may be a visual troll but I don't much care if someone executes a simple idea with simple cut and pastes. I don't like the amount of order that is in there already in terms of all the dark glasses being in rows of four. If you are going to mix it up, MIX IT UP!! I wonder what this would look like with same shapes different sizes? 3 on a day I'm not scoring anyone highly.


^i don't need to add my two cents when everyone else is spot on.



make it look less like a giant paint blob


this "stand out" idea with the copy-paste and one item colored different has been done to death

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