I'm not who you think I am

  • by Cib
  • posted Jul 20, 2007

Watch this

Mh.... I like the idea, but I'd get rid of the text, cause it becomes quite clear without it.
It would be funny if something other than a man's shape came out of the costume.


....mmm... dj dangermouse?


It's the guy from the Monty Python sketch who dressed up like a mouse and went to mice parties, eating bits of cheese!


uhm, i agree with Yrie
no text, and in the center, would be nice, i think


i think it's perfect; especially the green.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

The text doesn't work in it's current state. I think if you keep the text, it should be camoflauged in some way (maybe with color, maybe with drawn on serifs) so that the message stays more consistent.


lufah: i thought the exact same thing (:

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I didn't know what to think of you before i knew of the person in the mouse suit, and i don't hink much of it afterwards. Sorry. And it smacks me of the residue of the ipod ads with the color scheme.

Nezumi Works

?? I thought I already voted on this one?

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