North Meets South

I tried to work a pirate ship into this design but I got distracted because Big Bird was outside trying to key my car. Whats up with that Big Bird??? Stupid Bird!!

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I tried to work a pirate ship into this design but I got distracted because Big Bird was outside trying to key my car. Whats up with that Big Bird??? Stupid Bird!!

Hero Status

i really like the sun and the colors and such. its a good statement, too.


maybe put "stop globle warming" on the shirt


besides a good message, i really like your style. Only thing i can think of is that the exclamation points seem out of place, but stil 5$


Chur for all the comments so far,

Hero Status, I also like the sun, it gives us light and heat which we can harness to destroy the this illustration the sun is a cruel devil but its not his fault, he is just doing his thing.

kayfreedy624, I thought about that but I like the illustration to be able to speak for itself. If people get the image they wouldn't need the text.

DrHobo, i like your name, are you a doctor to hobos or just a hobo that was once a doctor or both??? thanks for your comment.

GD Matt

The sun is bad-ass


what a beaut design. you should think about sending it to the tourist board in NZ. The icebergs in the harbour are still very much talked about.

thINK profile pic Alumni

I like this. Might have been better if you had put the Vengaboys on one of the icebergs and Shrek the sheep on another. Either way I am awarding you 5 stars and a shiny $. Don't go spending it all at once you hear.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

To me, the sun is a very different style than the animals and icebergs are. I think if the sun had similar shading (to express shape) as the rest of the scene has, I would be much more into this. Good work though, the polar bear has a lot of character.


awesome dude, nuff said


great artwork and nice statement!!! 4


Mucho gracias for the comments so far...

pjepson, Thanks mum!

thINK, I had already considered placing the Vengaboys in the background standing on top of their vengabus but for ILLUSTRATIVE purposes chose to exclude them and the sheep. Sheep don't belong on icebergs, people need to start realizing this.

mjoo, i hear what your saying, I tried a few variations with the sun and I thought it worked best like so, just simple and vengeful.

trala193, Wonder what Thanh doing? "Probably fighting a dragon"

anastasia, thanks for your vote, are you a Donnie Darko fan?


I love the polar bear. I hope he eats the penguins.

The sun looks like a different picture. It's kind of distracting.


Poor Polar Bears. They are actually dying :(


Al Gore should pop up somewhere :) Great design - how true



i love the crazy looking sun. $5


How come noone is concerned about the poor fish that the polar bear is eating??? Think of all the extra water they'll be able to swim in without the fear of polar bears and increased ocean sizes! Awesome design!


I love the message it sends.

Vector Eyes

I would have loved to see the pirates. Maybe they could have been carbon friendly pirates that are out to save the world from global warming... ? Or just pirates on a badass boat. Well done on the cute characters. Hey you should honour Tex-Mur with a submission....


Cheers for the comments and votes so far.

Vetor eyes, That first submission the love saw was for Tex-Mur but all the haters hated on it. Maybe I will do one for him in the future.

Nanobot, fish don't have any feelings. Thats why they taste so good.


thats cool i would buy it


i'm no artist, so here's a free idea for your next design: Al Gore in a field plugging cows' arseholes with giant corks to stop them farting methane into the atmosphere. I'll settle for a 95% cut of the moolah, Chaos.


um yeah cheers Gaff, Im just not too keen on the whole idea of plugging cows arses ya know. I LIKE THE CUT OF YOUR JIB though. I checked out your slogans, they are pretty funny. I like the Wooly Mamoth one, it would have been a great illustration Tee. Let me know if you'd like to do a collaboration on that. 50/50 for serious.


dont put any kind of messege on it.
it's fine the way it is.



I love exactly how the design is! Actually the exclamation marks make it even better for me. It's a 5$ from me.


very distinctive.


i like how on the north side there is onnly one polar bear when we al know they are going excint and i like houw the pengiuns are suprised to see the bear. good job. i love it $5


I've seen this concept many times...


The sun looks like the jap flag.


Old jap flag i mean.


I just like the sun. :) $5


Yea, not bad aye. The sun is pretty mean arse looking. Like the idea.


The idea is great, but I don't like the excamation marks. Especially because they are placed over the poles, wouldn't they look better over the animals?


Thanks for the votes and comments,

J-Ray, I've noticed alot of similar Tees since i posted this, just a important issue right now I guess. Makes sense to me.

Vorernil, Its not supposed to be like the Japanese flag but I kinda like that oriental vibe, Im a big fan of crazy Japanese advertising.

criz, animals don't think in English, so that would make no sense....they probably think in egyptian hieroglyphics.


polar bears are my favorite animals!!!
this shirt is amazing
$5 :0)
great work!


Chaos, if you want to go ahead and illustrate my woolly mammoth slogan and split any winnings 50/50 I'm just so relaxed (mmm) about that. Never thought I'd make money out of anything I wrote down while stoned. Just don't forget to sort my dodgy spelling (should be 'woolly' not 'wooly' as I had it) and keep me updated.


Gaff, yeah man we need to get on to this WOLLY/WOOLLY MAMOTH thing before they are all extinct. I have a couple submissions Im working on right now but will try and start it soon.


Gaff, how do i contact you about the design? My e-mail is


i like it without the exclamation points


i like this but the sun is a little to THEIR for me...

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