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The Short Straw

  • by jacperk
  • posted Jul 17, 2007

Watch this

HAHA this is great, doesn't she know she is and extendable straw? Silly straw. Nice pun.. I usually don't like puns but I like this. Great first. $4

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Wow, this looks really nice on the shirt to me. Well done all around- the straws in the roller coaster crack me up!


haha this is so cool. $5

Ava Adore

great, nicely done


I am vertically challenged and can relate to the little straw. I can ride roller coasters now.


Oh wow. This is adorable. $5.


haha this is great


Actually the saying is "Drawing the Short Straw" which means getting a raw deal! Thanks for your comments guys.


HAHA this is hilarious! I'm also a short-ass so I feel for that straw! I really like the colours and the positioning on the shirt too. Nice work!


Love it. Brilliant idea ... and that short straw is such a cutie!


Love this design! Makes you think and then makes you laugh.


I enjoy the overall design and concept, but I feel as though the colors and details on the straws make them look like cigarettes. Maybe make the vertical lines going up the sides darker? Also, perhaps you could have the older straw's crinkly part unextended to show that the little one is trying to make stretch as far as possible because right now he looks like he is still folded up.

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Frickenawesome: There's the phrase "short end of the stick" but there's also "drawing the short straw" based on the premise that if there's a crappy task ahead, a group of people decides by drawing straws. The one who gets the short straw has to complete the crappy task.

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I totally spelled your name wrong, sorry.


That's awesome! the colors work well and compliment each other. It's really creative :)


Haha, that's funny, I love it. Great work.


love the colour, and love the fact its not hi up on the chest. Looks really good lower. Reminds me of an MC Esher drawing.


excellent first submission! a job well done, you deserve to relax and put your feet up now. 5$


haha - I have a memory from my childhood where I was too short to ride a rollercaster whereas my older brother was tall enough and I ended up crying because I couldn't get on. hahah so funny. love it.

Top Designer

This site is great, there are some excellent concepts. I really like this one. I to am a little on the short side (Not that I have a problem with that!!).

Nice work

Queen B

I feel just like this straw. Great job on the concept and the design, so many memories from my childhood. Would definitely buy this tshirt


Makes me thirsty, I love it!!


this is the best pun ive seen on the site. =]

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