Make Your Sketches Blue

I don't know if this is horribly outdated, or if anyone else does this, but I like to do it.

After you scan something... you can Step 2: Making the Sketch Blue

Watch this

Thanks sis!


Haha, neat!
It looks all cool when real artist people do it.


I like to draw stuff with a Non-Photo Blue colored pencil and then scan it. This is the color they used to use to make editing marks in newspaper copy before the days of computer layout, because it wouldn't show up in the final print.


neat info on BOTH counts


Do youz mean "non repro blue" the color that would
wash out in the photo. You could ink the rough without
needing to erase....handy in those ancient days. I don't
know how my scanner treats it.

Yes, for sketching I like to use both blue and red....last
time I was in a figure drawing group I would save paper
by filling a sheet in blue and then again in red, ignoring
the first color when I was drawing with the second....the
exercise (Life drawing) being mostly in the mind.

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