Sticky glue-ish stuff on the inside!?

  • by Grillsovs
  • posted Jul 17, 2007

I just got this shirt today, and when I tried to polish my glasses in it I got some icky glue-ish stuff on them that was pretty hard to rub off (actually I had to use alchohol). I thought, "Ok, maybe a bad idea to polish my glasses in this shirt, since the print leaves some goo on the inside" and left it at that, but now after wearing it for a day my whole chest is sticky with that goo! I'm sure it goes off in a shower (hopefully :S) but is it supposed to be that way?

Or should I just have washed it before I wore it?

Watch this

Always use lens cleaner and a soft dry lint free cloth on your spectacles!

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always wash before you wear.

is the "glue" sort of like sticky vaseline? ive gotten in on a few of my shirts to. it comes out in the wash.


Don't lecture me on spectales-cleaning! :D I've been wearing glasses since I was like 8, but usually it's no issue cleaning them in a tee.

And yes, it was like sticky vaseline, but it's almost gone now after some washes.

I rarely wash my clothes just after buying it. I mean, it's clean when you buy it, innit?.. or at least it ought to be. Not in this case apparently, though :D

Thanks for responding, btw - nice to know that it was not just my shirt that had sticky goo on it, hehe.

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You found sticky stuff on your Michael Jackson t-shirt?


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it's probably grease off the fancy printing machine or something. or maybe a gift from the staff.


Yay - sperm jokes! Woo.

Nah , it's cool ;)


thats really weird. i bought this shirt and that didnt happen to me. hmm...


What do we have to do to get this shirt back!!!!!????????? Common sense should tell you print up some more and give the public what they want and you GET PAID! Everyones happy in the end! But with this way now nobody gets Jack! Use your noggin.

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