sensuous gastropod

  • by b_lou
  • posted Jul 17, 2007

I've been dating an escargot for the last 3 months, and guess what! They're great lovers! A toast to sensuous gastropods!

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I've been dating an escargot for the last 3 months, and guess what! They're great lovers! A toast to sensuous gastropods!


great graphic, terrible color options for the shirt.

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Clever. I'm not feeling bright yellow on bright yellow, though.


I agree with cityauthor. The illustration is beautiful, but the shirt colours don't go well with it. It would look good on plain white if there aren't any shirt colours that match the design's colours, though I'm thinking it might be nice on purple.

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is she getting a snail hicky? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew..

ps. arent snails hermaphroditic?


I tried the 'natural' as the base color for the t-shirt, but it just felt too plain! About purple... it doesn't work on dark colors.

Since it's my first submission I still don't get how it works exactly, can I change colors? Does that affect punctuation drastically?

Anyway... it's good to have this feedback, thanks a lot for your comments!

P.S.: Yes, they are hermaphroditic! and that's exactly one of the most sensuous things about them!


you are sick!

great design!!


I would say a white shirt would really show off the fiery colors you have going. It's awesome, $5 for a white shirt (PS sorry, i don't know the answer to your question about changing colors)


OK people! Since it's my first submission I didn't select the "Critique" tab in the submission form... but I do agree, white t-shirt!


great picture, but i think bad colors for the shirt


an orange might be good for the shirt..? :


i like it better on the bottom of the shirt


snails are hermaphrodites that have their sexual organs in their necks.

(i just finished bio.)


I was about to say this looks very 90s Brazil, and then I checked out your profile ;)


Yep! 100% brazilian design... and you're totally right about the 90s, definetly my favourite decade. There's also a small hint of 'Tropicalia' wich was a very strong artistical movement in Brasil, during the 60s and 70s. Tropicalia's best expression was a band called 'Os Mutantes' that continues to influence musicians all over the world. I think Cornelius' music has got lot of inspiration from that! And I think that's awesome... japanese music blending with brazilian styles, and all kinds of mixtures... that's what the world should be about in this century... no boundaries!


come to scor my work!! hahaha!!thankyou!you good!


great first sub! cheers for the gastropod!


Brain Slug?

vacancy nyc

like the top placement option
this snail stares are me suggestively


Could you keep the image still please?


ok, so since I'm a newbie I'm taking notes for my next submission:
1- Submit color options as 'critique' before uploading the final version;
2- Keeping the image still at the end of the swf.

Anything else?


well, that's not constructive critique...

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