• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

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rock me amadeus is way better than this though...

this is total crap, and i dont say that about too many things.

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the more ppl complain about this design the more I like it... it means threadless is doing csomething right by not abiding by the masses

I could think of better things to print too but way better than rock me amadeus... this place is turning into hot topic giggley designs

fuck, the design I'm about to post is so dumb but whatever


Rather fond of RGB, myself. However, I'm a film student.

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its like they listened to alot of the complaining about all the cutsey comical submissions, and choose a design thats the extreme opposite of the usual.


There's just no pleasing some people.

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no xiv, they always do this eh


"... it means threadless is doing csomething right by not abiding by the masses"

I'm sorry but I thought they were really supposed to factor in the votes. Isn't that the point?

Quite simply, this design didn't score very well and others that scored much higher have not been printed. It's not a horrible shirt, it's just less worthy and therefor disappointing.

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Rock me amadeus is one og Glennz' more mediocre designs. If they were to print any of his I'd like Gullivars Underpants (or whatever the design is called)


Rock Me Amadeus is subpar Glennz.

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dammit he's already done a gulliver design too? that's 2 he's beaten me to this week. at least i'd barely started either of them.


Just what Bitta2sweet said. They're supposed to choose the designs that score highest (or at least high for that matter).

This shirt scored 2.28. I know designs scoring more than 1 point higher than that! I just think that is a little bit unfair for people that got their hopes up after a above 3 score for their designs.

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you know what's so special about this?

that's the way, uha uha, i like it



I wouldn't say it's bad - that's a little unfair. I don't see why something that is simple and neat and well-done is quite so horrible.

Ok, you don't like it. Super. Just cos you think it's boring and unprint-worthy does not mean it is so.

It's clean, the distressing is nice and, if you don't get it, then it just isn't the shirt for you. But I know a ton of ppl who work with film who would go a bit nutty for this.


All right, so it doesn't appeal to me and I merely felt like posting my opinion. I'm having to agree with bitta2sweet, as well. There are a lot of designs out there that have scored much higher than this one, and it's a shame they haven't been printed.

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Shit, girl. Not all t-shirts have to be humorous, you know. This shirt is meant to cater to a niche audience, and i think that's a nice touch from threadless. I'm not really a fan of this particular shirt though, they changed it way too much from the original submission and lost what made it charming in the process.

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Rock me Amadeus looks sloppy and unfinished, by the way. It's a nice concept(as glennz' stuff always is), but as others have said before me, glennz has a lot of unprinted designs that are way better than that one.


If this shirt was for CMYK I would buy it in a second.

asher27 profile pic Alumni

maybe its cause im a totaly cmyk fan... i hate working rgb.
and design wise, its still not great. theres a lot more designs out there that should of been printed instead of this... and im not talking of rock me amadeus, cause i dont really care for that shirt one way or another... its just there, its good but not good enough.

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I think the point is it's a printed shirt, and therefore cannot by definition be RGB. It ain't much of a statement, but I personally like (and bought) the shirt.

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"rock me amadeus is complete crap."


I love hearing this, because every fucking blog, someone says something great about it, and its just a terribly executed shirt, definately not worth talking about 10000 times over


< pukes. >


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when people go to target....and they find a shirt they dont like....do they find every customer they can and ask them why target decided to sell the shirt?

why do it here....


It appeals more to designers that the not-designers.

I love this shirt.
And rather hate the Amadeus shirt.
Go figure.


Rock me amadeus really is not a very well exicuted shirt. i dont think the colors work well toghter and it it looks unfinnished.

as for rgb, i see the appeal, and thus the reason for its printing. i do think the execution could have been a bit more artistic.

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