oh cornelius

  • by hotbew
  • posted Jul 15, 2007

i love cornelius style

Watch this

i love cornelius style


It looks good but I think using musical instruments to convey music may be a little too obvious. This could be a shirt for anything. The execution is still crayz pro.


I am pretty sure the idea wasn't to create a cornelius band t-shirt, but to create something that evokes the idea of "sensuous"

it would make a pretty bangin' band t...but I'm not sure it really goes with the the competition as well as some of the other entries do.


It's well executed, but you'll find that judges prefer designs not directly or blatantly linked to the competetion. For instance writing cornelius across the shirt in big letters.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

The way you've drawn the drips really doesn't work for me. And yeah, it probably shouldn't say cornelius right on it. Check out some of the past competition winners and you'll probably get a better feel for what the goal of these competitions is.

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