space robots

crrrrrr!!! enjoy da robotz!

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thomas ray

crrrrrr!!! enjoy da robotz!

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Placement is odd to me. Why not have them fill the shirt? It seems odd to have them clustered just in that area, as they're not creating a dynamic shape.



$ 4

sonmi profile pic Alumni

thomas you're back!!

herky profile pic Alumni

cool characters, love the "keyboard looking" one chasing the female bot.

aled profile pic Alumni

Awesome work. I like the way the 'crrr' robot on the back looks as though he has his/her arms folded in frustration. Perhaps at not being involved in the robot fun.

elleevee profile pic Alumni

i love it!

abeadle profile pic Alumni



I'd love it on black...I'm not so fond of the grey.


i wish there were more and they filled up the whole front of the shirt. ilove the colors too 4


the characters are great, however i dont really like the placement. They all feel like there confined to a very box like space without the box. Maybe mixing up where they are on the shirt, a less defined boundary...

Edword profile pic Alumni

cool robot action! nice to see a new design from you!


These are great! I just wish the design filled the entire front of the shirt so the robots could be bigger. 5!


AH! This is completely adorable.

thomas ray

thanx for support!
...yes j-bro..maybe the placement could be changed..


This is great, but - and I hate to belittle your effort here - I think you could have gone the whole hog and covered the front of the shirt in little warring robots. That would really have made this a Buyer for me.

As it is, 3.

impossiblejosh profile pic Alumni

you dont suck anymore.when did this happen?

anyhow man dude. come to chicago on the 14th so we can shill and i'll vie you all hte 5$'s you can ever imagine


this is just sweet... love the colors and the robots of course

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

good stuff, I really love the details.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni



i like the one on the left that's about to use an atom, to the other one's confusion. 5!

Zeke Williamson

would be better if they were spread through out the shirt instead of clustered. still looks cool. 4


I'd rather see this art become a series of shirts - each one different with just one pair of robots. Or maybe one pair, with all the rest on the back? I like robots - so this one is a winner for me.


I love the small robots, and would love to see them spread over the shirt in a pattern, much like Louis Vitton!! (But not like it. I'm sure you know what I mean!).

impossiblejosh profile pic Alumni

COOL like robotron.

color options? 5$

thomas ray

all the combos you want:)

stunt double

yäh!!! robotic mayhem all the way.


The Sam

NINJA! 5!!!!!!!

thomas ray

should i be happy or not?

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