hilariously good fun, buuut

I always find it hilarious to see what sayings actually get on the shirts, and I'm not going to lie, this is one of my absolute favorites. I wish I'd come up with it myself.

Buuuut WHY these colors?!

I feel like there are only a slim amount of colors used on these threadless shirts when I'm sure there are more to choose from. Couldn't this have been a nice blue? green? red? -- but a white and brown looking shirt, it detracts from the amazing words.

Aaah well.

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tunastar profile pic Alumni

Well, I see the colors as a great hommage to the subject of the shirt. The point is to exxagerate an indie rock listener's attitude, "bands that don't even exist" wouldn't have much to show would they? Blank tshirts, blank cassettes. The simplicity of this shirt is what makes it brilliant.


yeah tunastar's right, the simplicity makes it great.

totally buying this shirt


It's so indie, it's too cool for color.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

What tunastar said....i really think Threadless knocked one out of the underground with the style of the print and color of the tee. I was a bit antsy until i saw Threadless had done so good!

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