love&hate matematique

Watch this

lol, for me it's more 'hate' then love...

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i like the calculator, not so much the text and placement :) maybe wouldve been cool to put your text on the screen in a calculator font.


cute idea!
plain and simple


if it's supposed to be french, i think it's "mathématique" or in spanish, i think it might be "matemàtique".

i could be completely wrong. i don't take spanish. but anyway, this is a bold design. interesting~


I like the design but you should consider the spacing of the type. The M in Matematique is to close to the calculator and the q in that same word is was to close to the hem line. Maybe if you move it up a bit and to the right.


Love the idea but the comment on the speling makes a good point. If it's French it's missing the "h" and the accent.

Spanish would not be a good choice 'cause that's "matematicas."


actually, i don't think this is spanish or even french oO'
since in spanish mathematics is 'matemáticas' and in french 'mathématiques'
anyway, i do hate numbers :B
great idea!


I do...but the shirt has little asthetic.


i like the design, i just dont think it lends itself to being on a tshirt


i like it... i wish a little more simpler


this is pretty cool. C:

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I like how calculators smell.


i dont know much about typography, but you could probably do better with a cleaner font. spacing is key.

& smaller, center placement?


methinks it's italian. i agree that the "M: should align with the grid line of the vertical text above it tho. great job juicy!


Would buy it if it was French, just because I live in Canada and people would constantly be commenting on how that's not how you spell it in French.


I want this shirt so bad!


change nothing! this rules and i want to buy it and marry it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the other day my friend said me : now everybody just use the typo and set different pt with no more idea, i'm agree with him

also i like the calculator and ur design out of the shirt on this box is for me better that how u place it on the shirt (but u need to show more calculator) its my opinion!

still good work


meh...sorta looks like a weird crate & barrel tshirt ad or something

Nezumi Works

It's a bit too squared off for me, and in a location on the shirt which would be curved and thus less visible. The design seems more suited to a poster or book cover of some sort than a shirt.

Tommy Roxx

As a maths student. 5 and $. Splendid.


its a good idea, the calculator gets a little lost with the words.


Well I love it a lot! I would definatly wear it just the way it is. :]


maybe have a number typed into the calculator... pi? 3.14159 or just the symbol, just something clever there could be fun.

but i love it!


yeah, the calculator should atleast have like a .0 or something so it looks like its on.

ElizaTerry the design idea a lot!

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