Ra-Pun-Zel, Let Down Your Spare!

Yes, we all know that the "I (IMAGE OF HEART) Something or Other" tees have been done to death, so why not strap on a shirt that makes fun of the whole trend while still being a part of it? A collaboration of the most punny kind between Twiggyhall and FRICKINAWESOME.

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Yes, we all know that the "I (IMAGE OF HEART) Something or Other" tees have been done to death, so why not strap on a shirt that makes fun of the whole trend while still being a part of it? A collaboration of the most punny kind between Twiggyhall and FRICKINAWESOME.


I love the name on the side of the tire. Very clever! $5


Thanks! :)

We are thinking this bad boy should have the letters done in a "felty" style, if possible or maybe puffy...

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wow that took me a while to figure out...stupid me

anyways i love it (now that i get it)


i forsee a printing in your future (twilight zone music)


cute cute cute. i love ti


SIGH...just kiddnig. Clever.


I tire of bad puns?
I tired of bad puns?


get rid of the text on the tyre and it will strengthen your design immeasurably.

It distracts from the purity of the basic design.

I still gave you 5.


um, just cuz i'm anal retentive. I'M... it's just bad english lol


It is NOT bad English! The English is just fine. And thank goodness there was not a D stuck to the right of that tire!

I think that the text is needed on they tire so that we can easily tell what it is. I suggest removing the face from within the tire instead.

Great job!

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jessibowtf on Jul 16 '07
um, just cuz i'm anal retentive. I"M...it's just bad english lol

Actually jessi, "I Tire Of Bad Puns" is proper English. It's not supposed to be "I'm tried of bad puns", it's in the present tense. Sorry if this seems a bit awkward to people, but it's the only way the pun would work and since it's proper English, I thought it would be fine. Thanks for all who have given us suggestions and have liked it. Keep em comin!


Good idea, but I'd lose the face in the tire.


lovely design. boo for orange, though. :p 5, and it'd be a $5 on a different color, green maybe?


Actually, we got 'cher other color choices here: (crossing fingers that this works) :

For more color options, click here."


Love this. Lose the face and I'll love it more.

I hope you get printed [sans face]!



the font reminds me of those 80s shirts with the velvet letters.



Lose the face and the tire text, and you've got something there...


I know the idea is to mock the "I (heart) ___" idea... but the grammar of it seems so awkward. I suggest "Bad puns (tire) me," instead of "I (tire) of bad puns."

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If the Threadless public desires it so, we shall remove the frowny face from the middle of the tire. I dig the tire name tho...it goes with the point of the shirt. I never really thought there would be an issue with the grammar in this one....interesting comments so far everyone! We will take them all under consideration, so thanks!


The grammar sounds fine to me. And I'm sick of pun/I


"pun/I heart this or that" tees, so I really love the idea. Great design!


Clever! I would totally buy it. Based on the color choices I prefer the Original. Khaki could also work.


The face can be removed in a heartbeat if that's what the majority would like. I'm glad you guys seem to like the idea for the most part.

Thank you for the nice comments so far and please keep them coming :)

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Issues with grammar come up in a society where most reading is done through text messaging. I love the shirt and it's clearly proper English. LOL K THNX BY!


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And I like the face, it adds to the kitsch 70s/80s design. Felt letters would totally rock if they did that, too.


Brilliant! I, too, like the face - he's clearly "tired" of the pun, too! lol! I think the design would be fine either way, though.

I bet this sucka' prints!!!


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HAHAHAHAHAHA - I'm radial of bad puns 5$


Very funny. However, I don't like the face in the tire though. I'd like it more without.


Get rid of the face and its a $5 for me :)

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I like bad puns! This made me laugh.


Lose the face, and I'd buy. Glad I read through all the comments... I was also thinking that it should be "I'm", until you all pointed out that it is "I tire", not "I'm tired".


would be better without the face and without "not so good year"...5 otherwise for the punny err funny concept


Awww... I feel punished :( Bad puns are awesome! $5

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shouldn't it be "I'm" tired



Red Threads

Keep the text on the tire, it cool. Lose the face though.


This reminds me of a shirt i saw that said i (picture of a spade) my cat..


I'm going to go with the no text on the tire group. I think having the play on the "goodyear" brand makes readers think the pun is related to goodyear at first, or at least it could. A nice wood-blocky tire would work better for me.


So, the cries of the people have been heard and without further ado, here is a version without the face in the middle for you all to ooh & ahh at :)

Tire with no face


I definately like it without the face :] it makes it easier to get...with the face it looks like...a sunburnt sun? an overfried egg? at this point its just pure simple, and pure funny. :] $5


ohh, i REALLY didn't get the tire thing. i had no idea what that was. the tire with no face makes it easier, but i'd still have to point out that there are shine marks on the tire, and i never see any shiny tires.

but maybe i'm just not looking


I didn't get that it was a tire until I read the comments, because I'm slow. But I love the idea!!!

If this doesn't score well, could you resub with a sideways cartoon car-tire that's sad and got a wavy mouth?

KthanksLOVEIT. ;)

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