Tragic Placement!

  • by ondraedan
  • posted Jul 10, 2007

This is so great, I'd definitely buy it if not for the low placement. = /

Watch this

Yep. Low placement: it's always the wrong thing to do.


I was thinking the same thing.
It's such a great shirt though, so I might end up buying it anyway.


I think the low placement works...hey I welcome the attention away from the chest!

Sound Ship

i have to disagree with that. it pulls all sorts of attention to the love handles. I wish I could buy this and Take Me To Tokyo, but I just can't with that placement.


I was all set to buy this until I saw how the image was placed. What a huge disappointment! No sale. :(


uhhh... lose some weight and then you wont have to worry...


Have a look at the product pics, its not really unflattering on most people. I think the placement is ACE.


lower placement is great
on this and "who am i" and "take me to tokoyo" and pretty much any other shirt i've seen it on.


I like lower placement.
It adds variety.

and this sounds terribly mean but graphic or not, everyone can see your extra padding anyways.


placements fine for me. chuck it on with jeans, everyone can see it; whats the problem?


I think the low placement is excellent for the women's version, but not so great for guys... Too bad.



I'm so mad because I like this shirt so much.



I'm so mad because I like this shirt so much!


I don't get it, what's wrong with the placement?
I find there is a lot of amateurish bla bla around here. And very little constructive criticism. But thats just me....



Well, the design has won so why debate over how good that is?

Now it comes down to practicality of the product, so the placement plays a large role in that. Having a picture around your side fat draws the eye to that region and therefore may make some people uncomfortable.

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