Thunder or Lightning?

  • by claydoh77
  • posted Jul 10, 2007

Ummm... so this shirt has a picture of a lightning bolt made up of clouds but it's called "Clouds Within The Thunder"... Shouldn't it be called "Clouds Within The Lightning"?

Watch this

Thunder and lightning are basically the same thing, really, aren't they? I mean, in the sense that they are both parts of the same phenomenon.

So just call it poetic license.

dawn patrol

Thunder is the sound made by lightning.


Did you post this blog because you wanted everyone to go:
'heeeyy you're right!'
because i think you did.

Quid Pro Quo

Yeah thunder is the sound lightning is the actually object if you can call the bolt of energy an object. Its not a big deal though no one really cares normally people mix them up regularly.


"...normally people mix them up regularly"? What? If by people you mean very small children, then perhaps. But the real point here is that an artist can name her/his work anything and doesn't have to explain why. That's one of many reasons why I feel that art is awesome.

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