Love Always Carries Death

Watch this

dont understand. sorry.

breath taker

this shirt looks really cool. but i would like to read what the words say.


yep definately from donnie darko


reminds of the scene in the o.c when marissa die..


i like donnie darko... but why the hell would you think that this design woudl work on that bright neon blue or yellow... what is the thought process there? o well i still like the movie and kinda this shirt


no thank you...


Oh man... This is good... I just don't know where to start!

I think the only way I can describe how I feel about this shirt is through simile:

(Bear with me)

I'ts like... you took a scene from a super-lame, cliche movie... a tacky heart made out of words... and an unbelievably shitty love poem and... put them all on a t-shirt.

It's a stretch, I know...

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waaaaaaaaay too much copy. who wants people taking hours to read their shirts?



I'd like it is there wasn't any text.


a donnie darko shirt!
the text is illegible though :[


I like Donnie Darko. Please don't turn him into an emo.


Is that a joke? Turn Donnie Darko emo???

That'll be even worse than when they turned Adolf Hitler in to a nazi!


wow guys, relax, the words seem to be mostly just like a picture in and of themselves and not really meant to be read. plus- its an artists rendition of a single action from a movie. breathe in breathe out, it'll be ok


amen jayparx. cool shirt - i'd give it a 4

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Hey guys its the first submission I wanted to put up on here, trust me I love all the comments cause I really wanted the feedback on it for further workings...even the hilarious sarcastic one, literally my favorite, my stlye of talking.

But yeah the text isnt supposed to be easily read its just there as part of the design, and if you really want to read it, it is in a blog on my personal page



I like it and think that maby it could work out nicely on a darker t-shirt.


amen jayparx. anyway, the shirt kicks ass - 4


ive seen alot worse subbed, great try for a first sub. loved the movie, not too crazy with this scene. i love the words, dont think they are meant to be read but i love the look of it. good first try.


it seems way to jumbled up with all the text on it... kind of like word vomit for the eyes///


I looks like those booklets they give you about how to perform CPR. I like it though =D


The words make me think of tour dates... so basically this screams "band t-shirt" to me. It seems a little jumbled and is not necessarily my taste.

That being said, you've definitely got talent and should keep sending stuff in:) Good luck!


I think it's work better on a more neutral colour.

Maybe sagestone or heather?

4 for the design.


Very donnie. Cool idea.


Too complicated. I love the reference of course, but the composition is too busy.

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I think my main issue is that the art looks like it's from an airplane manual yet the text is old script. The styles clash to me. Either the text should be some sort of sans serif style font or the drawing needs to look more old fashioned and romantic somehow. Also just lose the heart altogether.


i agree with kookaberry and catproximity.

MacGyver Rocks

Thanks guys for the feedback its what I needed for the stuff on working on to post next

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