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Way sick. I mean, at first glance, it looks kind of (Iron) Cross-ish... but only for a second... and once you realize what is going on, it is so incredibly sexy.


really interesting to look at


It's original and I like where you're going, but I'm a science student who's picky on anatomical correctness . If you follow the actual design of a lung, you lose the cross look, which I think would make it better 'cause then it wouldn't take away from the most creative aspect of your design.


Hey now that seems like a Win-Win.


i like this very much...
Lose the bottom part of the cross...the lungs dont have that and it looks awkward. The shape would resemble more of an upside down "Y"...somewhat.
I realize its your interpretation...its prolly bc im used to seeing lungs all the time, thats why its awkward for me.
Nice work nonetheless :)


this is pretty spiffy. i like it alot. we all have out own interpratation of it, so im not even gonna say mine. its cool though, good freaking job!!


this is awesome. mission playground actually makes a similar shirt, but it says "without trees, we don't need these." i think your design is stunning, though- i will definitely buy it if it's made!


ya the trachea doesn't continue on after the lungs. I'd lose that, but I hear what the others are saying about losing the point. I dunno, I wouldn't buy it for specifically that reason.


Yeah, lose the extension below the lungs, shift it up a little bit to reflect actual lung position (look at a textbook if necessary). Great concept.


this will be a great shirt once you get it anatomically correct.


I like it... Very interesting idea


I give, what are the red/orange things?


There should be no trunk at the bottom.

Just an inverted Y going on to the leaves.

Rectify that innacuracy and it'll be a 5$.

Great concept, good artwork too.


i'm with the calls for anatomical correctness but really cool design


Looks cool, but the idea isn't that original... people have been subbing various things that look like lungs for a long time now. Even so, I still like it.


i love the design,
i hate the colors

Christian Hood

it took me a while to clock what it was but it still looks cool wheter you rewalise or not.


Hate black t-shirts but the design is really cool!


Isn't that obvious for a t?


the iron cross interpretation would deterr me from buying, but 5 all the same for a glorious design


I think less crossy would be better, but still awesome.

epika pubika

nice in black. i like the idea of having it end at the bottom like roots


Pretty cool. Off the cross extension below . Great in black.
It looks great either you're far or close (looking at the tee)
Nice concept.


really sweet man...good colors

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