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  • posted Jul 05, 2007 in General

Recently, from a contest, I discovered Hint, a deliciously flavored water. Hint, unlike other waters does not have any sugar, and is all natural, hence their slogan "Drink water, not sugar." The water contains only a "hint" of fruit, just about enough for you to realize it's there, the flavors are all natural and taste exactly like water from a fine restaurant, with citrus in a pitcher. This is a satisfies both your sweet-tooth, and your 'no more-calories' butt. This is by far the most unique, and well executed flavored water ever, with flavors like cucumber, mango-grapefruit, strawberry-kiwi, and more, all of them contain no sweeteners. This water is sure to please, it doesn't have the sugary taste of propel, or any other flavored water on the market. This is by far the best tasting bottle of water I have had.

Pick up some hint at your specialty foods market, or from the internet at http://www.drinkhint.com

Watch this

no, it's just plain flavor-infused water. called hint.


Yeah. I just tried the pepermint water, the only kind i din't like was the cucumber.

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So how long have you worked for Hint, and when did they plant you here.


i don't work for hint.

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