• by regiddur
  • posted Jul 02, 2007

Beer drinkers will like this.

Watch this

Beer drinkers will like this.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Unnecessary banner- I think the visual is plenty clear. I'd give it a background or some more context, though, just to make things more visually interesting.


Hahahaaa! Puns are SO funny! I like it because I get it!


yeah lose the banner

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I really don't think people will get this without the banner. You just think you'd get it because you had the name of the sub in your head before looking at it. I think it's a very cute pun that i never have heard before, but maybe turn this into a framed picture, with the wolfman about to drink out of the frankenstein and label it under the picture, "Wolfman with Frankenstein." Might be a bit more clever and will get the point across without killing the joke. Still, fun pun.

Cold Collards

No need for the banner. Someone asks, "What's that on your shirt?" You say, "A Frankenstien." You both smile. See how nice that could be?

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