dont call him elephant man...

im an old fashioned guy with an old fashioned submission. i think this ones a real bust up!

Watch this

im an old fashioned guy with an old fashioned submission. i think this ones a real bust up!


uhhh...what? cool graphics but no idea what your talking about


nice detail but whut is that thing! its freakn me


AHHHH NOT HIM! he creeps me out.


he's the elephant man,
a guy who got rich off of this horrible dis figuration.

i like the idea but i dont think id wear it.


i love the elephant man and the idea behind this, but it just looks like a troll instead of beautifully grotesque as it should.


Hahaha!! I Love the idea! I would put it on a button or something else, but I wouldn't wear it on a shirt. I just saw a documentary about the elephant man, such a sad story. But that is a great idea.


Mhmmm, the Elephant Man is a very sad figure.
I commend you. It's a great design. I've just got reservations about wearing him on the front of me.

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

I do like your style...


This one let me down a bit. The statement "He Never Forgets" and the shadowing of the face sets the design in a menacing light, something that Joseph Merrick ("the elephant man") fought against his entire life.


When I look at this, it seems like it's making fun of the Elephant Man for some reason.

I don't like that...


This is great, sudanesepooch! It's a buy for me. Good work, as always.

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fouchnickens is right on the money


The design is clever - and I would probably laugh if I hadn't seen the David Lynch movie Elephant Man-- that was one of the saddest films I have ever seen.



And Proteus Syndrome too, poor guy.


wow. im not afraid to say that you guys are being way too politically correct. a joke is a joke.


and if anything, this is about the revenge of elephant man!!!


oh GOD is that what he really looked like???


his nose looks like a penis.

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his nose looks like a penis.

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wow, i didn't even see ilovetomasb's comment either...

Cold Collards

I see what you're going for here. It just doesn't work for me.sorry.


his nose does look like a knob

buuuut i like this

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Love the colors and the delicate shading of the EM's head. The text is FAR too big & needs layout/font work. I also think the torso line extends too far down. I would blow up the head to fill the shirt, and perhaps soften his features (also, change the nose). The play on 'he never forgets' is good, but I'd prefer it to be less harsh. I'd rather uplift a sweet Elephant Man instead of having him in attack mode.


elephant man!
i think i might actually wear this


No one has been 'PC', any negative comments have come from a purely emotional perspective, and I have to agree on this one.
I dont think anyone who had read about his life, or seen the film could wear this.
Illustration is lovely as ever though.


Wow people... uh... he has a name. John Merek...

And insulting a REAL person is just cruel. :(

Sound Ship

I could never wear this. This is much more of something I would buy a poster of.


it's an amazingly skilled rendering-- but-- I too saw the David Lynch film Elephant Man and was depressed for weeks. John Merek's story for me -- is like a symbol of how cruel people can be. I think if you saw the film-- you'd have a bit more empathy.

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ur a master that threadless might never get dude.

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Haha. This is genius. I'd use a different font, perhaps something hand drawn, and make the overall design bigger.

Too bad there aren't many 'ugly' fans here. But I like most of your designs a lot.


Lol... this is great. I, for one, think there should be an entire series of elephant man designs. Perhaps a shrieking elephant man on a stepstool with a mouse at his feet? Or recreations of famous paintings like American Gothic or Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, but with elephant people, of course. I wish I had seen this earlier so I could have scored it $5.

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