Communist going down

  • by Rebelista
  • posted Jul 02, 2007

Watch this

i like it. 4

Frank Vice

You should see some of the Russian porn from the 1980's. Now THAT is Communists going down!


lol with a title like that it was bound to happen


do enough of you young'ns even know what cccp means?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I would think a falling star visual pun would be in order for this design. O, and Frank Vice, didn't you just love that 80's girl-girl scene with Russian porn stars Vwefhewofhewu Zvdjlfjdefji and Zchdoshvshvjhdsjv Mcepojfeiwj? Awesome stuff.

Quid Pro Quo

Meh. Its alright. Although I already have a shirt that deals with communism. =\

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