Gods of Electro

  • by And That
  • posted Jul 01, 2007

My first design here on Treadless... I hope you like it!

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And That

My first design here on Treadless... I hope you like it!


Simple, but awesome.


its a little plain. but i like it.


i agree. simple idea, well executed. i would enjoy wearing this.


I wish something was coming out of the horn.


sweet!! it would be cool with few more instruments too... like a sax maybe. but, idk. you're the designer~ $4


Haha, I like it a LOT but wouldn't be caught wearing it. I'm a trombonist! We've got some healthy rivalry going on there.

Anyway, I'll give a 5 'cause it's a great design.

And That

Yeah yeah it could be done with more instruments!


This would look cooler if there was a plethora of music notes and symbols spewing forth from the horn.

Less Nameless

How are you supposed to play that thing ?

And That

Plug it in :)


simple is nice.


Myself being a trumpet player, I love this shirt. Myself being a musician in general, I love it even more. Myself being a nerd, I LOVE THIS SHIRT! $5!


uhhhh... is that trumpet plugging into my crotch??

Red Threads

yes make something come out of the horn!!! Seems a little plain as is.


I need this shirt for my sister, who is such a trumpet nerd. Hehe.


I sucker for the vector silhouette mixes. Is there a term for such a style?


Not too sure about the placement but sweet design.

Work the Angle

I like the simpleness of this one. It is screaming for something coming out of the horn though.


Simplistic, with good placement. Although, I think the placement would be better in the bottom right.


I absolutely LOVE this tee, and think it would be perfect with a few of the abovementioned tweaks. Something coming out of the horn? And maybe a different placement for the plug...
Maybe actually a wall plug with it plugged in on the back, with the cord coming around to the front? I don't know.
I pretty much think it's great just how it is, and you're the artist, so I'll just shut my trap.


man, this is a great design and concept, but it's a little too plain on the majority of the shirt. I would try to mess around a little with the placement and size of the design. Very nice though.


simple designs work so well. nice work on your first design.

chippos profile pic Alumni

i like it cus i love jaZZ!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it. and my band teacher would give me recognition if I wore it.


clever, maybe on a red? or purple? 3


amazing, i would wear this everywhere, even though i play trombone. great job


Love the silohette (sp?) designs. but this looks a bit like iTunes music cards to me......and i don't get it


clever, like it.


I love this one, just wish it was a skoosh higher up. Plain is good, in any case.


Perfect color! keep it as it is..in fact, make a whole series out of'em with different instruments!5

tomahawk warrior

i like the design, but i think it should be centered.


As a trumpet player, very awesome work! If only I could get one of those, my lips could get a well-deserved break! Haha

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