the storied legend of the oldest carrot

  • by mcclept
  • posted Jun 30, 2007

an old photograph my great grandfather kept in the ground recently unearthed scanned and vectorized for screening.

Watch this

an old photograph my great grandfather kept in the ground recently unearthed scanned and vectorized for screening.


this is nuts. and neat looking


Right now my hand is out flat, fingers spread, tilting side to side a little, saying, "nnnn...". This is ok. Right now your hand is probably out, one finger raised, saying fuck you oopis, but that's ok. I just think this looks unfinished. Maybe I'm missing something so I'll skip the voting for now and come back to it. I see what seems to be a stylized carrot and a couple interesting details, but I figure there has to be more that I'm not seeing yet.

vice virtue

at first i couldn't tell that it was a carrot. nice, but the brown is questionable.


legend has it pops didn't pick it just took the picture, and it's still buried somewhere


The design could be a lot less confusing and a lot more simple. I like the colors


i like this, it looks like sophisticated graffiti


good art, not really t-shirt with those colors, b/w would pwn tho i think


how do you tell this is a carrot without the title?


yeah, it took too long to figure out, like, what carrot?

caleb haws

i have no clue how you could get a carrot out of that. so i'll just pretend there's no carrot and say:

this t-shirt looks pretty dang cool!


I love it but i think it should be a little bigger and stretch up the shirt a little more than just being stuck in that tiny corner. Other than the placement and size I love the art itself very interesting


best design that i have seen for a while


cool design McClept. Forget the nay-sayers if they can't appreciate your vision for what it is.


kinda lost. but its still cool.


Amazingly Beuatiful.


looks awesome, but i have no idea what it really is? abstract carrot?


$5 great composition


you know, it remindes me of a landscape in one of DR. Seuss' books...
oddly familiar shapes and what not. but i really, really like.


ahhh. anonymity stole my comment. yes, it does look Seuss inspired, and i like that it was once a carrot. eyesight is important. props man. 5$


don't care if it's supposed to be a carrot or not, this is a wicked design, i don't know why but it takes me somewhere...not sure about it on brown tho...


you have mad illustrator skills, looks like real abstract graff, and I like the carrot idea. You have artistic talent, I would love to more of your t-shirt submissions. Good Luck


I don't like cooked carrots. But I do like raw ones.

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