Bat Vs. Mouse

comments are so awesome

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comments are so awesome


if they appeared to be aware of each other, it would be more interesting.


Please change them a little so that they won't have such awkward placement on us females.


The shirt color. Lemon.


I dig the goggles. I also like that it's the mouse who's "in love," and that s/he's obviously geared up in order to pursue the object of her/his affection. (It's not just a case of mistaken identity or a dumb bat, which seems to happen a lot in these subs.)

It would be cool if the mouse were hanggliding or something, instead of just sporting mock-up bat wings. More functional.


I think this is really sweet.


I was thinking of doing hang gliding for the mouse at first, but then I liked the idea of keeping it sorta symmetrical, thanks for the comments guys


I really like it, but the black lines on the bat bother me. I think if they were a dark blue or a light blue light the ones on the lines in the mouse's wings, they would fit the design better.


i like it but i agree that the placement would be kinda weird on girls and i like the hang gliding idea. The hang gliding idea could work if the hang glider resembled the bats wings.


yeah symmetry is nice in theory, but the mouse's mock wings make him look too much like a real bat, and is therefore confusing for a while.
I do like the hangliding idea very much though.
If it was on a hanglider I would say $5


I agree that you should have the mouse hang gliding, and that the hang gilder should look like bat wings! And I also think you should have the two of them looking at each other! It could be awesome with a couple changes.


i agree with the other comments, have them looking at each other and maybe make the mouse wings look more fake? (maybe more mechanical looking?)


I would love this, just the way it is, on a black shirt!


For me the red contrasts too much with the blue. It would look great on a black shirt though.


defleeter mouse!!! sry. i love it. mouse looks so cute. $5


i like the yellow best. 5$ and their big eyes are so cute!


very cute, i like the yellow, cause there are not very many in that color


This is too adorable! I would like to see a different placement, though, since the animals are awkwardly placed for women.


Freaking adorable.

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