Revisionist History

This is my first submission... ever (insert dramatic music). I love this place! :)

Watch this

This is my first submission... ever (insert dramatic music). I love this place! :)

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It's really nice, just wish there was some type of background going on. (sweet first sub, can't wait to see more)


Ha oh my gosh, this is amazing. If this is your first sub, I can't wait to see more.


Uber coolness!


maybe lower the broom
( it looks like it's impaling her )


Nah she's just riding it hard!


i agree about maybe adding a background.... perhaps a sillhouette of some chimeny tops? like a skyline of them?


I like it and I agree that it looks like the broom is stabbing her pelvis.


I love this concept, the fact that she's riding the broom so aggressively frightens me a little, though.
Some chimney sillhouettes in the background would be pretty sweet.
Great art! Super idea!


I like the idea and the attitude.

It almost looks like the broom handle is going through her pelvis, though.


that broom reminds me of Frida Kahlo for some reason.


I agree with skuba, I'd completely buy this if there were a nice shadowy outline of london in the background..

great first submission, this is really sweet :)


AWESOME. Butch Mary Poppins-related propaganda? WOO-HOO. Orange/khaki isn't really my thing though - red on sagestone/grey would be better for me, and would also have even more of a communist propaganda type vibe.


agree with helo...lower the broom a bit (it makes me wince to look at it!)...otherwise, a great job!


Hindsight is 20/20. Will happily make corrections and resubmit, if you kind folks can tolerate it for a second go. :)


Love the Kahlo comment btw, esrever. Diego was such a schlock to her. Great woman. Great artist.


It needs no background. Amazing, as is.


This is already good enough to be a buy, with the corrections it'll be perfect. This is great!


I'm cool with resubs though a lot of people here aren't. It might be better to make any corrections/alternative options ASAP and post a link to them in here so people can adjust their scores accordingly, rather than doing a resub, since I know some people will automatically zero them.

BTW, are you going to tell us more about the concept behind it, or is it almost completely random? I like it either way :)


Well, one of the reasons the design was so flat to begin with was I thought it might be a cool take off on the 'bomber babes' from the sides of WW2 aircraft (they don't usually have a background). I'd also heard of units in various periods that were pretty strange sounding: "Fighting Priests" I believe was one.

Mary Poppins, I had read was criticized by many during the sixties as an anti-feminist piece of film (the mother abandons her crusade to be with her family; personally I see the issue of feminism, especially in a postmodern sense, as a woman's right to choose for herself rather than have a path applied). To this end, I decided to take two symbols that had been viewed other ways and turn them on end. She's fully clothed, so she reverses the idea of the "bomber babes'" near nudity (or total nudity in some cases), but she's still in a similar pose (sorry about the broom folks I'll get on it this afternoon with another link) so she retains her sexuality. I took images of Rosie the Riveter for the arm's reference (strength, solidarity), and used militaristic phrases like "Step in Time" to further the same goal.

The title "Revisionist History" serves as a comment on a couple of things: 1) I am revising the status quo by using these symbols, but 2) I am also making a comment on the post modern tendency to revise a historical narrative to benefit a particular group (which is frankly ridiculous when you look at the results, it rarely solves the problem, largely adds to it).

Mostly though, I find it funny as hell to take something that people have seen hundreds, if not thousands of times and turn it on its ear. Its near impossible to show people something they haven't seen before in this world, but I try. A lot of us do. And this was probably way more of my thought process than anyone REALLY wanted to know. Sorry about that.


Oh and thanks, Vindemiatrix, for telling me what happens with resubs. I appreciate the help. :)


My favorite by far...I would buy one for myself, my sister and all my friends.
(Please, please, please, let this one be printed!!!)


I HEART this concept, and I almost clicked "I'd Buy," but you gotta fix that broom. And her right hand, that's holding the umbrella, is a little weird (sorta looks backwards, like it's the wrong hand). A $4 for it as it is, and a $5 and a buy for a fixed hand and broom.


Yeah, she definitely has two left hands.

Coffee Black

It still needs some revisions, pun intended, but it's looking great. I would buy it just for the idea.


Well, thanks very much in return, reading that was fascinating! I'm putting you up to a 5 now I understand the concept fully, and giving a $ because I would DEFINITELY buy this on the grey/sagestone version! Glad to see you've fixed the broom and the London background really adds depth to it - once you've fixed the hand (which I didn't notice before but is now kinda bothering me) then it will be perfect!

(Though on a personal note I'd still rather she wore red than orange, it fits in less with the WWII thing than the Communist thing which I thought you were going for, and orange does add this uniform sorta feel, so you get my $ even without this change...)


Actually, hang on, her hand isn't messed up - it just looks a bit awkward. But it seems to be correct since I just tried to recreate her pose (with fingers curling thus) and managed it... So the hand is correct, just looks a bit odd. Maybe if her musculature showed through the arm a bit more then it would seem less odd because we could follow the lines a bit more?


great for a first. don't be afraid to find and use 'critique' before subbing :)


Way awesome, like some cool Squ logo! Nice! Great concept! It kinda looks like it needs a border or something. To separate the logo from the shirt. Cool though!


Hey! I'm a big fan of mary popins! Nice design but i won't wear it.


This made me laugh. I love it. But it freaks me out a little. Which is probably why I love it so much.


Very cool, tho her bloomers should be white, not the same colour that you used for her skin tone, i think it makes her legs look kinda weird.

It's wicked work tho, can't wait to see what else you come up with.


It's the governor, step in time!


Super, agree about the broomstick but thats only minor.


Great! I'd just put the design on a quite lighter t-shirt, and resize it slightly bigger. 4$


I think it looks best on the khaki as above, but that added London skyline in the link really sets it off well. $5.


I like how you moved the broom in the revision, but I really think it's a stronger image without the london silhouette in the background. It's got more punch on it's own. I'd buy this in a heartbeat. Fantastic submission.


This is awesome, particularly with the background you've given. I love it, but the top hand does seem a little awkward, and I do not love the shirt color as much as the shirt overall. Still, $5


So, WHEN is this getting printed? Come on Threadless! Sagestone with london skyline background!

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